True Love is not being asked to change, or asking your partner to change for you

Real, pure love is extremely difficult to find nowadays. People want to repair each other and nobody is accepting their other halves for who they truly are.

True love does not always consist of flowers and sunshine.

It can be incredibly hard.

It is not about accepting each other for the time being but accepting each other through thick and thin. We cannot hope for someone to become a different person if that is not who they want to be. And if they are not the person we want to be with now they won’t become that person later. You cannot love someone and expect them to change at your whim. This is not how love works.

People often get confused when it comes to true love and false love. We can all push our significant others to become better people without making them do things they do not feel comfortable doing. But there is a fine line that should never be crossed. Because healthy relationships are filled with well-placed and respected boundaries.

True love does not tolerate selfishness.

It accepts that none of us are perfect.

People can love each other despite their shortcomings. Both parties should be able to freely grow in the relationship while having each other’s backs in every step of the journey. That is what a loving partner should be. Someone who doesn’t disappear when things get messy. Someone who puts as much into the relationship as you do, if not more.

A person does not change for someone else, they can only change for themselves. A relationship in which a person only loves some aspects of their partner cannot last. There is a real sense of peace when it comes to having found true love. Peace and forgiveness. None of us are perfect. There are no flawless princes and princesses.

If you and your partner do the following you are lucky to have true love:

  • You care for and support each other.
  • You don’t try to change the other person to fit your own definition of ‘perfect’.
  • You share similar values.
  • You get along well and have good communication.
  • You pay attention to each other.
  • You accept each other’s flaws and don’t feel like something is missing.

If you have a person next to you who you love with every fiber of your being, and who you wouldn’t want to change, you can be certain that you have found something special.

True love is something a lot of people spend their whole lives looking for without ever finding it.

For those who are still looking, do not worry about it too much. Love will find you when you least expect it.

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