Trophy hunter who targeted endangered animals was killed by crocodiles

Scott Van Zyl, a trophy hunter from South Africa, was killed by crocodiles.

  • Van Zyl used to hunt and target lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and elephants.
  • On a 2017 trip to Zimbabwe, Van Zyl went hunting and never returned.
  • Traces of the hunter’s DNA were later found on the carcass of a crocodile. 

In 2017, Van Zyl went on his final hunting trip.

The South African man was a prolific trophy hunter who also operated a safari company where he would organize big game hunts for clients. Many might see this as karma for hunting and killing animals which are on the brink of extinction as in 2017 Van Zyl was eaten by crocodiles. He had travelled to Zimbabwe where he, a pack of dogs, and a local tracker searched for crocodiles to hunt. This trip was his final trip as Van Zyl was reported missing when his tracker dogs returned without him.

Van Zyl’s DNA was found on the carcass of a crocodile.

Local authorities led an investigation, found Van Zyl’s footprints, and a bag near the river bank where the deadly incident had occurred. According to BBC, ‘permission was given for three Nile crocodiles in the area to be shot’. One of these crocodiles contained the remains of Scott Van Zyl and subsequent DNA tests proved that these remains were in fact his.

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Although it was obviously not celebrated, his death was still seen as a consequence of his own actions.

To reiterate, many people thought that Scott Van Zyl’s death was the work of karma as after spending years hunting all kinds of endangered animals, he was killed by a crocodile. In a 2017 statement, One Green Planet explained that “Zyl shouldn’t have been hunting in the first place. Animals in the wild… are wild! They are living, thinking beings with instincts for survival. We have to ask ourselves if the “thrill of the hunt” is really worth risking your own life – while deliberately taking others.”

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