To the parents who are always giving their children everything, even when they have nothing: Thank you!

Dear mom and dad,

Thank you for all the sacrifices you made while raising me. Thank you for helping me become the person I am today, and for always believing in me and encouraging me to chase my goals and dreams.

People say children are reflecting their parents’ behavior like a mirror.

Luckily, many of us are blessed with amazing mothers and fathers who acknowledge that and set wonderful examples for us. They are teaching us how to be patient, how to handle critical situations with composure, how to be empathetic and understanding to others. These valuable lessons are worth more than all the material things in the world.

One of the greatest things parents teach their children is the significance of the sacrifice.

While we are just kids, we don’t always realize how much the people who are raising us need to sacrifice for our good. But as we grow older and mature, we recognize their efforts. We see how much they had to give up, so we could have a careless, peaceful childhood. And when we become parents ourselves, their selflessness inspires us to raise our children following their amazing example.

The list of our parents’ sacrifices is endless.

Even though then might not have completed college, they made sure we’re going to have the best education possible. Although they were working hard to make ends meet, they never made us feel insecure about family financial problems. They always maintained a life balance that will guarantee the safeness of our childhood. And they always kept the smile on their faces, no matter what challenge life brought to the family, so we wouldn’t have to know the burden upon them.

Moreover, as we were still too young to understand the essence of morality, our parents used amazing approaches to teach us valuable life lessons.

They always knew exactly what to say and do, to help us understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, black and white, and what stands in-between. There were moments when they were intentionally spoiling us, and when they were teaching us not to expect others to give us things just because. This thought us the value of hard work and self-awareness.

Another proof for our parents’ greatness is that they always made sure that our lives are at least a little bit better than theirs.

Even if their own childhoods were wonderful, they were always thriving to raise us with more privileges than they had as children. Moreover, they were always giving us the best of everything. But they weren’t doing it to coddle us, they only wanted us to do better, and to have all the resources we need to pursue our goals. They never wanted us to follow their footsteps. They wanted us to go further than they could have ever dreamed for themselves.

Their support was always unconditional and heartfelt. No matter how busy their schedule was, they were always there at every school event, every birthday, every holiday. They rooted for us like we were the greatest superstars in the world. And they encouraged each and every one of our dreams and ideas.

On the other hand, they were so hard on us. We believed the limits they were pushing us to were unreal. Their standards appeared to be way too higher than we could ever achieve. But their rules and requirements are what made us these determined, thriving human beings we are today. They helped us build an essential habit of always doing more than we should.

Thankfully, most of our parents’ efforts paid off. We turned out to be pretty decent, kindhearted, and hardworking people. And it was all thanks to their unconditional love, selfless care, and undeniable support for us.

To all the parents that have given, and are still giving their best raising their children,

Thank you!

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