6 sacrifices parents make to give us a better life

Being a parent means sacrificing everything for your child’s future. 

Parents are on a constant mission to help make their children’s lives better and they continue to do that until their last breath. The sacrifices parents make for their young ones are immeasurable. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Privacy and Alone Time

As a parent, you have a choice to either endure the screams of a little kid banging on the door while you try to use the bathroom or keep the door open and lose your privacy. Alone time is almost non-existent for parents, at least not in the same way as before the children came along, but worry not, one day you’ll get it back (hopefully when they’re teenagers).

2. Social Life

Kids normally have a number of friends they can often meet to hang out, sleepover, or go for coffee and cakes with. Parents, on the other hand, do not have that luxury any longer. They would choose to close their public circles in order to spend more time with their children. After you become a parent it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your time between friends and family.

3. Looking Fantastic

Gone are the times when you could make certain you look fantastic before leaving home. You will struggle to fit in time for a shower, fly out the door, and the public would treat you like they’re a stable adult, but it’ll mostly be fake compliments because you will go back home and find dirt on your shirt or food pieces in your hair.

4. Body

When a child is born, a mother goes through the most horrific pain she can go through in life. The human body has its limits when it comes to feeling pain. However, while giving birth, a mother goes beyond that threshold. After the baby is born, a mother goes out of shape and has to work extremely hard to get into her normal shape again. This also means that her self-esteem will fall significantly. After all, who doesn’t want to look good? And should she choose to give birth through C-section her body will have unpleasant scars marking the operation. And yet, she makes a choice to deliver a living being that comes out of her own flesh. That child becomes the most precious thing in the lives of the parents and they feel privileged to sacrifice their whole world for its sake.

5. Relaxing Holidays

Holidays with kids are not holidays, they’re trips. You get the children in the car and are endure hours of crying and screaming until you reach your destination. And when you finally get there, you feel more tired than ever.

And after the trip is over you’ll need a real holiday.

6. Their Whole Heart

Regardless of the fact that your children will drive you insane, you will find the strength to overcome this state thanks to your love for them. It is the way they hold your finger with their little hand or the way they hug their stuffed toy while sleeping. It’s watching them grow, making mistakes and learning from them.

It is all these things and many more that make the sacrifices parents make totally worth it all.

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