5 powerful tips for healing from emotional pain

There are times in life when emotional pain pays us a visit – not in order to hurt us, but to let us know that there is something in our lives in need of healing.

To make us understand that something within us is out of balance and requires our love and attention.

If we teach ourselves to pay attention to these signals – by treating the root cause rather than resisting the symptoms, we will cure the parts of us in need of curing, and we will reassemble all the parts that were once fragmented and scattered – back into wholeness and unity.

Here are 5 powerful ways to recover from emotional pain.

1. Be who you are

You must be true to yourself. This means not shying away from asking for what you want, setting boundaries, having your own belief systems and opinions, standing up for your values, wearing what you want to wear, eating the food you feel is best for your own body, saying what you think is right, and in a thousand other ways being you instead of someone small or fake.

2. Restore your inner and outer state by exercising

Try taking regular walks out in nature in order to reconnect with it. Yoga is another powerful, restorative option. Many people who are in the stages of recovering from trauma or abuse find salvation in exercise. They are in love with the idea that they can punch a bag or lift weights and discover what their body is truly capable of. They prove to themselves that they are physically strong while at the same time reconnect with being emotionally strong.

3. Leave the past where it belongs

We are not that strongly in control of our being that we can simply escape from being haunted by the past. The past has a way of pestering us through nervous sweats, sudden sadness, nightmares, and waves of frustration and defeat. We can, however, try to expel the past by not playing along with the human tendency to wallow in it. If you are secretly attached to misery, you will inevitably feel that way. To the best of your abilities and with real energy, let go of the past and leave it behind. That is the only way forward.

4. Make your suffering conscious

Dive into the habit of observing your own emotional pain… your frustrations, your anguish.

Observe the continual stream of negative thoughts your mind is plagued with – the stressful moments of your life that keep feeding you pain, self-harm, the addiction to all that pain and suffering, and choose to let it all go.

One of the best methods to achieve this is through the practice of meditation.

5. Upgrade your personality

You may not be what you would like to be. You may be angrier than you would want to be, more impulsive, more passive, more self-harming, more immature, more scared. If that is the case, you are in need of a personality upgrade, which of course only you can bring forth.

Come to terms with the personality features you lack but would like to upgrade and then ask yourself, what thoughts and actions align with this intention? Then begin thinking in the appropriate ways and start taking the necessary action. This is the only path to becoming a person capable of reducing his or her own emotional distress.

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