5 Things That Will Recover You From Emotional Pain

We all have emotional pain, but how does one recover?

Emotional pain has a wide grasp on the human condition. However, we are all made as humans to endure it.

As human beings, we are capable of feeling the joys and the sorrows, and surviving that.

If emotional pain has been a mainstay in your life, here’s how to zap it. It does take time, but here are 5 things to do now.


This one is huge. When life gets hard, self worth sometimes goes out the window. We must find ways to remind ourselves why we’re so special. Could you try making a list of the good things about yourself? Cut the list up and post snippets of it everywhere. Find some positive affirmations you can hang up around the house. Say beautiful things about yourself. Here’s the kicker: believe them. Fall in love with yourself all over again.


Of course guilt is part of our being for a reason. We feel guilt because it is part of the human condition. We feel guilt to remind ourselves what we don’t want to do. Guilt reminds us what feels wrong. However, we can take it a step further and start believing that we are guilt. See guilt for what it is, and move on. We don’t have to push in the second arrow all the time. One arrow is the guilt itself, the second arrow is the one we keep jabbing into ourselves. Knock it off.


It hurts to be rejected. It’s ok to feel this hurt, but dwelling on it is not productive. If you are rejected by someone, realize that other opportunities will come about. Sometimes we spend so much time on this rejection, we block new and better things. Make room for the new, boundless experiences by letting go of the old rejections. Spend your energy on building new connections, than fretting over the old. Easier said than done, but give it a try.


We all fall, but we all get back up. If you do fail, think of what good came of it. This can be hard in the moment. You may have to say thank you through gritted teeth. You give yourself a gift by looking at how this failure taught you how to be better. Life will give you a new experience when you see failures as a way to grow. Failure can show you things in your realm of control to improve upon. You can now see how the next time, you won’t make the same mistakes again.


When you replay old negative experiences, you reinforce them. Instead of reinforcing the bad, start a new tape. Play the tape of success, joy, and happiness. Where attention goes, energy flows. Flow that energy by making your attention on what good is in your life. Watch it grow.

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