5 times when women lose respect for men

Once a woman loses respect for her man, the levels of attraction she feels for him drastically decrease.

And eventually, she falls out of love. A woman’s respect for a man is essentially fueled by his strength, his authenticity, and his manners. In other words, women look up to men who can take care of themselves, have admirable dignity, and treat everyone around them with consideration.

Every intelligent, self-aware woman would get inspired by a man who knows how to handle life on their own and doesn’t rush into relationships just because he needs someone to look after him. Today’s ladies wouldn’t settle for insecure men who constantly play the role of the victim, just to get a little more attention. They want to be with a man who actually knows how to share his feelings, deepen his love and affection, and keep the spark alive throughout the whole relationship.

Here are 5 wrong moves a man makes that might cause him the loss of his woman’s respect, and provoke her doubt whether she wants to be in a relationship with him anymore.

1. When he gets overly protective.

Of course, men have to be protective of their women. Not only men, every person who’s in a relationship and truly loves their significant other needs to protect them and care for them. However, if a man gets overly suspicious and obsessively protective, he might quickly lose his partner’s respect. Especially if he openly shows he doesn’t trust her.

Overall, women feel loved and secure when their man protects them and makes sure they are feeling good in their company. But they don’t want to feel like your 24/7 emotional support service. They don’t want to be treated like an object you could easily manipulate, or someone whose steps you need to predetermine in order to control them. When a woman senses her man’s insecurity and feels she is not being trusted, she would instantly stop considering him as a person she respects.

2. When he acts bossy around her, but submissive around his friends.

The woman of the 21st century is an intellectual, independent human being. She definitely knows how to deal with life on her own. However, naturally, women are a little more submissive than men. That’s why when in a relationship with a man, a woman expects him to be the one who ‘wears the pants’.

She needs him to be the one who takes on the responsibility of being the emotionally stronger one. Especially when their relationship is facing troublesome challenges. This doesn’t mean she expects him to do all the hard work. She just prefers her man to be capable enough to lead the way.

Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t completely understand that. These men lose the respect of their woman by acting arrogantly and bossy at home, but meek and submissive around their friends. If a woman sees this behavioral difference in her man, she would start questioning whether or not she should follow his lead.

3. When he’s constantly playing the victim.

Women truly admire men who are able of expressing their feelings and embracing their emotions. Thus, it’s completely fine, even necessary for a man, to open up and talk about his problems with his woman.

However, if talking about his problems is all he does, it might get quite annoying and unbearable to listen to. Whining men who are constantly in the role of the victim quickly lose the respect of their women. Because women want to work through the problems and find effective solutions to them. They don’t want to waste time listening to you complaining about something over and over again, while you could actually do something about it.

So, you want to be respected by your woman? Then make sure you show her that no matter what life throws at you, you are able to remain strong and deal with it like a real man. If you always behave like a victim, and instead of looking for solutions to your problems, you only whine about them, she would find it hard to respect you and feel attracted to the mess you’ve turned yourself into.

4. When he’s not being ambitious.

There is nothing more motivating than a man or a woman who has defined goals in life, and does whatever it takes to accomplish them. As women are naturally attracted by the strength in a man, both physically and intellectually, they prefer to be with a man who is ambitious enough to chase his dreams and doesn’t give up whenever times get difficult.

It is not a secret that the most respected men in the entire world are the ones who know what they want from their life and work hard to get it. Therefore, it’s not just a woman’s trait to get attracted to a man who goes after his dreams and doesn’t quit until he achieves his goals. So if you want to be respected, not only by your woman but also by everyone around you, make sure you set your priorities straight and work hard on fulfilling your ambitions.

5. When he takes her for granted.

Women are no longer dependent on their men to feel good about themselves. The moment a lady feels all the efforts she puts into her relationship are being unappreciated by her man, she would lose respect for him and stop wasting her time.

In order to keep your relationship together, you have to make sure you acknowledge your partner’s love, affection, and care they give you. Taking them for granted will cost you their trust, and eventually their love.

Furthermore, if a man not only takes his woman for granted but also constantly criticizes her, she would definitely lose her respect for him.

If you do nothing but judging your partner’s actions, instead of being grateful for their efforts, they will soon realize they don’t have to put up with your insulting behavior.

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