Tiger King Crew Believed They Found Human Remains At The Zoo

The film crew of a fresh reality show being filmed at the zoo formerly owned by Joe Exotic and featured in the Netflix series Tiger King believed they had found human remains.

Exotic, who is well known for his documentary series Tiger King is currently serving a prison sentence for a kill-for-hire plot and gave some of his animals to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg Colorado.

The sanctuary looks after approximately 550 animals on its two massive Colorado reserves.

Recently, TMZ reported that human remains have been found at the Tiger King zoo.

They wrote the following:

“Something’s rotten at the original ‘Tiger King’ zoo — 2 cadaver dogs have zeroed in on what their trainer believes are human remains. We’re told the dogs were brought in as part of an episode of Zak Bagan’s ‘Ghost Adventures.’”

They went on saying that dogs picked up the scent which was coming from the alligator pit, and local sheriff’s deputies were investigating and determining how to unravel them safely. 

TMZ also added that according to their sources,

“Joe has said there are ashes of 4 people buried on the property as a memorial — people who chose to make the zoo their final resting place. The sources did not identify who was buried there.”

But TMZ later updated their original story, and it seems that remains are not human after all.

They wrote:

“Law enforcement sources tell us no human remains were found. They did uncover some animal bones that appear to be the skeleton of small animal with a tail. Law enforcement considers the matter closed, and have left the premises.”

The Tiger King zoo, which is located in Oklahoma, now belongs to Jeff Lowe.

It was previously the property of Joe Exotic before he was convicted of a number of animal abuse charges as well as for his kill-for-hire plot against animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

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