This is dedicated to the woman that has it all

The woman that has it all isn’t a myth anymore. She exists, and she is thriving! 

But who is she?

Who is the woman that has the strength to achieve anything she wants in life?

Can you be that powerful, awe-inspiring woman?

Of course, you can! And you probably are. You just need to remind yourself and the world how amazing you truly are.

So, aren’t you the woman who is raising children, while taking care of the whole family, and in the meantime, building a successful career? Aren’t you the incredibly intelligent lady who knows how to balance her personal and her professional life? Aren’t you the one who can fit every little chore, task, routine, and work assignment, while also taking care of her children and partner’s happiness in only 24 hours a day? Well, of course, you are! And you’re making it look so effortless, having everyone around you thinking: “Wow, she truly has it all!”

This goes for you – the woman who tries to keep up with the latest social media trends, so she can better understand her teenage daughter.

The mom who knows when it’s good to be her children’s friend, and when they need to know she is actually their mother and they need to listen to her. The wife who knows how to make her significant other feel loved and appreciated, and how to show them they need to make an effort when needed.

Well, sometimes you may say you’re reading Nietzsche, while you’re actually scrolling through your Facebook feed. So what? Sometimes you may tell your kids you’re going to the bathroom when you’re actually taking a 5-minute break from them. Sure, you may not always be in the mood for making everyone around you happy. But all this doesn’t make you less fascinating. It only makes you human.

Don’t let anything bring you down because you absolutely are the woman that has it all.

How can you believe you don’t have it all when you have people in your circle who feel blessed to have you in their life? Because you are the woman who always prioritizes her loved ones’ happiness over her own. You are the woman who is willing to sacrifice every little second of her life to help someone she truly cares about. And everyone around you is lucky to have such an amazing person by their side, remember that.

This one is for you – the female hustler who turns into a fighter when it comes to building her career.

The independent woman who doesn’t let anyone tell her she isn’t qualified enough, clever enough, or capable enough to accomplish her goals. The one that knows success doesn’t happen overnight and works hard every single day to make her dreams come true. You don’t beg, force, or chase to succeed. Instead, you invest in your knowledge and you constantly fuel your tremendous potential.

So yes, you truly have it all! But if you are still doubting yourself, remember this: finding the balance between your personal and your professional life, while being there for the ones you love and for yourself is extremely challenging. And yet, you somehow manage to do it every single day. You are handling all of the responsibilities you have as a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter to your parents, and a professional so incredibly well, that people around you wonder how can you do it every time.

Not everyone is capable of balancing so many things at once, but you definitely know how to do it, and it’s unquestionably admirable. This proves you truly have it all! Embrace this power, and never let anyone tell you differently.

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