7 common things that are slowly killing your relationship

Relationships are never perfect because we all make mistakes.

But it’s always best to recognize and fix them before it’s too late.

While we all know that things like lying, cheating, and selfishness can take a toll on a relationship, there are many other negative habits that could push it over the cliff.

Take a look at some of the things that will gradually damage and eventually kill your relationship:

1. Not paying attention 

When you two are having a talk, actually listen and absorb what they have to say. Don’t just stand there empty-eyed, while thinking what you’re going to say next. This is simply wrong and all you’re doing with such behavior is poisoning your relationship.

2. Being too busy

The need to juggle the balance between, friends, and family, can often leave a relationship unattended. Tight schedules are one of the main reasons relationships dissolve, because as time goes by, the people involved become two strangers.

3. Ignoring affection

We all communicate our love for each other in different ways. Some make compliments, some like physical affection, while others buy each other gifts or like doing shared activities. Respond to your partner’s emotional needs and remember to cherish and appreciate the small moments of connection you have.

4. Having a never-changing routine

At one point or another, all relationships can get stale. When couples get comfortable with each other they tend to stop doing the little things that can keep the relationship fresh. It’s imperative that you never take each other for granted and always try to find ways to make each other happier.

5. Immediate aggression 

Instead of attacking your partner for every little thing that bothers you, try to be more patient. Wait and think before shooting out words that could harm your relationship. Try to put yourself in your partner’s skin and picture how it would feel to be blasted with aggression for something that can be solved with a brief discussion.

6. Controlling attitude 

The need to control our partners is deeply rooted in your own fears and insecurities. Your controlling attitude has much more to do with you than with your partner. The reason for this may be due to a fear of not knowing the future, fear of abandonment, or maybe even fear of being seen as a dysfunctional spouse. Unless we get a handle on our own insecurities our partners will suffer.

7. Unrealistic expectations

There are certain underlying expectations at the beginning of every relationship. This might include things like how money is spent, how children are raised, or anything to do with the chores around the house.

As soon as these expectations start becoming unrealistic and one of the partners starts feeling crushed under their weight, this will inevitably lead to an unhealthy relationship. Agreed upon, healthy boundaries and rules should free the other person, not suffocate them.

You are not loving your partner if you constantly criticize and attack their behavior, and don’t leave room for forgiveness and correction. This is a sure path towards the end.

Try to steer clear from the abovementioned situations if you want to keep your relationship healthy. One of the most vital things to keep in mind is that both of you have to make compromises and work hard to keep the flame alive.

Have you caught yourself or your partner engaging in any of these relationship-killing behaviors?

If so, were you able to turn back and save it? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below. 

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