“Too Busy” Is A Myth. People Make Time For The Things That Are Important To Them

True Friends Are Never Too Busy When You Really Need Them

Picture this: you’ve fired off a text message to a friend of yours about your birthday party, but you don’t get a reply. Three days after your party, you finally get a reply.

“Heyyy! Sorry,” it might begin. “I hope you had a great birthday! Sorry I couldn’t make your party. I’ve just been soooo busy.”

Have you experienced something like this before? Chances are, yes, you most certainly have. And chances are, that claim that they were busy is a total lie. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes people are legitimately busy, it can be a one off thing. But think about it: they had ample time to tell you they were going to be busy. “Hey! I won’t be able to make it, but have fun!” isn’t asking too much, right? Right, so here’s the truth:

Too busy is a myth

Yeah, that whole “I was too busy” excuse is a total crock. No one is so busy that they can’t pick up the phone to text back. A text takes 30 seconds. You, your birthday, your birthday party, and really, your precious time just wasn’t worth anything to them. They weren’t too busy, and they probably aren’t really your friend.

Your friends are the one who gave you the time of day to send a response, even if it was to say they couldn’t make it. These people know that being “too busy” isn’t an excuse. But that friend who was just way too busy, what were they doing?

They were making time for other things

No one is so busy that they can’t make an appearance at a party, have a hobby, follow through on plans, and live their life. No job is that demanding, no situation so critical, that they don’t get to live a life at all. The reality is that they were just making time for other people and things that were more important to them.

People have a right to do this. They get to decide what’s more important, and if you’re not it, you have to live with that. But you don’t have to stick around for it.

One text, two text, no response…

Here’s a reimagined version of a Dr. Seuss classic for you: One text, two text, no response, move on! There really isn’t much value in chasing people who take days to respond to your text messages or just don’t reply at all.

If you’ve sent a text, and then another follow up text and you’re still not getting a reply, it’s time to move on. Don’t send that third text. It’s not that they’re too busy to reply, it’s that they aren’t making replying to you a priority. They just don’t want to.

True friends aren’t too busy.

All is not lost, reader. While that one friend who missed your birthday might not really be a friend at all, those who gave you the time of day are your true friends. They know that “too busy” is a lame excuse, and besides, how could anyone be too busy for you?

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