Looks Aren’t Everything. 18 Things That Will Instantly Turn A Man Off, Even If You’re Highly Attractive

Looks aren’t everything, and real love isn’t built on appearance.

Ladies, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking pride in your physical appearance, but if you think that all it takes to win a man’s heart is to look good, then that’s probably the reason you’re still looking for the “perfect” man or relationship.

Most men are not interested in your looks, they are interested in you, as a whole. Your personality plays a big role in their decision to settle. There are also many things that men consider turn offs and these things will outweigh your beauty, tenfold.

Even if he finds you highly attractive, doing these 18 things will instantly turn him off:

1. Constantly talking about yourself and/or gossiping about others.

2. Only ever talking about your downfalls and the negative things that have happened to you.

3. Looking at other women as competition and with jealousy.

4. Defining your happiness with material things.

5. Never allowing him space or to see his guy friends without you.

6. Not setting goals for yourself or doing things to better your life.

7. Making fun of him and his interests.

8. Acting like a child when things don’t go your way.

9. Refusing to make an effort to get to know his family and friends.

10. Not realizing your worth and constantly relying on him to validate it.

11. Not being able to handle yourself when you’ve had a drink or two.

12. Belittling him or talking down to him in front his friends and family.

13. Repeatedly using the term, “I’m fine” when you are clearly not.

14. Fighting with him over every little thing.

15. Relying on him and others to make you happy.

16. Not being able to hold a conversation with him about anything interesting or relatable.

17. When you rely on social media likes and fame for happiness.

18. Being over friendly with other men in public and rejecting his public displays of affection.

Remember, being beautiful on the outside means absolutely nothing if you haven’t cultivated beauty within.

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