A Better You Will Attract A Better Next

It can be hard to make it as a single person. Our society puts so much focus on finding a romantic partner and settling down, but very little attention is paid to the overall health and happiness of the individual. A monogamous relationship is made the ultimate goal of every adult, young and old, but not personal satisfaction and joy.

Here’s the reality of the situation: happiness is sexy. People who’ve found joy with themselves and others naturally attract all of the best people.

These are 8 things that happy single people do that attract great lovers.

1. They don’t hang on to the past.

If you’ve never experienced heartbreak, you’re one of the lucky few in an extreme minority. Nearly all of us have been dumped, broken up with, or rejected at some time or another. It’s healthy to take some time to get over these heartbreaks, but happy single people don’t cling to the past. They let it fade in their minds and focus instead on the present moment and the future.

This is an attractive feature in a person because it signals to possible romantic partners that they’re not being held back by anything from their past. They’re ready to look ahead to the future – a future that might include you.

2. They avoid bad relationships.

When people are single and unhappy about it, they’ll often allow unhealthy relationships to enter their lives. These don’t have to be romantic relationships. They can be platonic, friendly, and familial as well. Mostly, an unhappy single person doesn’t want to be alone so they let people in that they maybe shouldn’t.

But truly happy single people know how to moderate the relationships they have and avoid the not so good people. Of course, this is an attractive feature to potential romantic partners. Meeting someone who surrounds themselves with good people and excludes the bad is an encouraging thing. If they’ve let you in, you must be good too!

3. They practice self-love.

Self-love is an important thing for everyone. If you can’t or don’t love yourself, how can you expect to love anyone else? The people we meet are able to pick up on this kind of thing. A little light-hearted self-depreciation can be funny and demonstrate that you’re down to Earth, but prospective romantic partners can sniff it out when you don’t love yourself.

4. They practice self-care.

Truly happy single people don’t just practice self-love, but self-care as well. Self-care can be described as doing things that extend your life and happiness. These are things like eating well, exercising, bathing regularly, flossing, visiting the doctor when you need to, and making sure you’re leading a happy, healthy life. Single people who are able to take care of themselves signal to potential romantic partners that they won’t need help taking care of basic things.

5. They practice self-awareness.

Self-love and self-care are important, but so is self-awareness. To be aware of one’s self is to know how you come off, how you look, and how you sound when interacting with other people. Self-awareness is being able to recognize when you’ve been mean, intentionally or unintentionally, to someone and take ownership of it and apologize. A self ware partner won’t need you to point out basic issues. They’ve got a handle on who they are.

6. They’re independent.

One of the biggest issues with relationships is people forgetting how to be independent. There are few things more ugly than a co-dependent relationship. A happy, healthy relationship requires two people who do not have an issue with being independent and alone. They can take care of themselves, their own bills, and their own needs. Being independent is definitely an attractive feature of happy single people.

7. They build up others.

When a person is unhappy with themselves, they tend to try to tear down the people they surround themselves with. But truly happy single people will try to build up the confidence of the people they love! It’s often apparent when you meet someone like this. They’re always offering to help a friend find a job, be a wingman/woman at the bar, and work to help you improve in the ways you want to.

8. They don’t compete.

Can you think of anything worse than two people fighting over a romantic interest? Truly happy single people won’t try to go after someone who’s spoken for, or who they know is really into someone else. They realize it’s not a competition finding a romantic partner, and that in itself is an attractive trait.

Perhaps the most important takeaway here is that knowing yourself and being yourself is one of the most attractive things you can do. Happy single people who are truly in touch with themselves will attract all of the best people.

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