5 crucial things alphas search for in relationships

The alpha personality type is considered to be apart of the type A personality group, meaning they are outgoing, ambitious, aggressive, passionate and confident.

They are the leaders and go-getters in life, they are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and sure as hell aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. They make the best of friends because they are kind, honest and loyal. They also know what they want in life and aren’t afraid to go and get it.

Now according to John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein, writers of the book called ‘Engineering the Alpha’, alpha people possess the following traits; they are dedicated (but not obsessive), they are confident (but not overly confident to the point of being cocky), they are vain (not in a narcissistic way), they are prideful (but not to the extent of being arrogant), Tolerant (but never weak) and humble (but not in a self-loathing way).

If you ever find yourself in a relationship with an alpha here are 5 things they look for in a lover:

1. Stability

Those who are born with a fiery and strong personality know what they want and need in life and will not settle for anything less. One of the first things on that list is stability and security.

When it comes to relationships the alpha needs a partner who shares in their want and need for a stable and secure life, anything less would be pointless.

2. Respect

Naturally, like every other human on earth alphas expect to be treated with some level of respect, and if they aren’t don’t expect them to budge. Alphas believe in mutual respect and if you can’t reciprocate the respect they give you then you can expect once chance and one chance only.

When it comes to relationships they expect you to respect their boundaries, space and time, all of which are important to them. If you can’t give them that then you can expect to see the door as alphas will not tolerate it.

3. Responsibility

Alphas are hard-working and as mentioned before, go and get the things they want in life. They are also proud of the things they achieve and because of their go-getter attitude are self-sufficient.

One of the first things they will look for in a lover is their sense of responsibility not only to themselves but to their lives. They want a partner who will take responsibility for themselves and not rely on them for help due to lack of responsibility, especially in areas they are capable of helping themselves.

4. Ambition

Ambition is an important quality everyone should possess. It’s the thing that motivates us to get up and go get the goals we set out for each other. It’s the trait that makes us always do the best we can in any given moment.

When it comes to relationships alphas need a partner who has ambition, if they lack ambition, they lack the ability to fully understand the needs and desires of an alpha because Alphas are always striving for more and are always ready to go out and achieve their goals.

And last but not least

5. A good sense of humor 

Alphas are witty and smart, therefore their humor is witty and smart. In order to catch the attention, and not completely bore an alpha you best make sure that you have a few witty jokes up your sleeve.

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