These are the 20 etiquette rules you should always practice

These 20 etiquette rules are simple, easy to practice and demonstrate that you are well-mannered. 

Reader’s Digest has shared several golden tips on how to improve your manners. These rules cover basic etiquette from the workplace to the airport and everything in between:


1. Do not start eating until the host/hostess has sat down. 

If you are sat at a table with a relatively small group of people, it is rude to begin eating before the host or hostess has sat down too.


2. Leave anything non-food related off the table.

Yes, this includes your phone and keys.


3. Do not text at the table.

While this one should be obvious, it is a rule that is almost always disregarded. If you must urgently use your phone, simply excuse yourself and leave the table.

4. Do not turn your glass upside down. 

If you do not want to drink, Reader’s Digest recommends that you should only place your fingertips on the rim of your glass and say, “Not today, thanks”.

5. Warn people that they are on speakerphone. 

In general, it is best to avoid putting people on speakerphone. If you must, however, it is your duty to make them aware that others are present and listening.

6. Do not crowd the boarding area.

When you board a plane, make sure to stow your luggage and sit down as fast as possible; otherwise, you create a long and frustrating queue.

7. Do not check your phone when having a conversation.

Unsurprisingly, it is considered extremely rude to text when someone is trying to talk to you face-to-face.

8. Be mindful of when you send business texts.

While you can send business emails any day and time, Reader’s Digest recommends that you show you respect people’s time by texting them only an hour before or two hours after the workday.

9. Place your hand over the lemon when you squeeze it.

By doing so, you will ensure that you do not spray the person sat opposite you with lemon juice.

10. Do not ask for leftovers at a business meeting.

While it is completely acceptable to ask for your leftovers to be wrapped at a restaurant – it is not considered appropriate when you are out for lunch or dinner on business.

11. Respect your coworkers by staying home when sick. 

If you’ve got the flu, it is best to stay home – otherwise, you run the risk of infecting your coworkers.

12. Be mindful of others when you stand up on a plane.

Do not grab the seat in front of you when getting up; keep your fellow passengers in mind and be considerate.

13. Do not show up empty-handed to a party.

If you are invited somewhere – whether it is a party or a casual get together at a friend’s house – always bring something for the host/hostess. This could be something as simple as a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine; it does not take a lot to show you care.

14. Do not let your guests drink and drive.

If your guests have drank, make sure that you either find a safe way to get them home or ask them to spend the night at your house.

15. Do not CC people when writing Thank Yous

Sending a Thank you email and CCing 20 people makes you sound insincere. Show people you respect and value them.

16. When introducing people, name the one with greater status first.

If you are put in a position where you have to introduce people to each other, introduce the one with greater status first.

17. Ask if someone is busy before talking to them.

By asking if now is a good time to chat, you are showing that you value the other person’s time.

18. Do not make the other person have to slide into a cab – go first.

Always try to make others feel comfortable – this means sliding into a cab instead of making the other person have to.

19. Avoid having phone calls in public spaces.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, try not to have cell phone conversations in waiting rooms, public transport, checkout lines and other public spaces.

20. Take your sunglasses and earphones off when speaking to someone.

This little etiquette rule is often missed by many; taking your sunglasses and earphones off shows people that they have your undivided attention.

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