These 8 signs prove she is a real keeper

Dating can be extremely challenging, especially when you’re still in the initial phases of getting to know each other’s natures.

It requires a lot of hard work and understanding to get into your partner’s mind and see if their intentions towards you are pure and genuine.

When a woman is truly in love, she gives her all to her significant other. Her loving, selfless character, fueled by her powerful feminine energy, shows in many ways.

Here are 8 crucial signs she’s a real keeper and you should never let her go.

1. She loves spending time with you.

This special woman’s face shines every time she sees you. Her smile gets brighter than the sun. Her eyes sparkle like the moon is hiding underneath them. This vibrant energy of hers is contagious. Whenever you spend time together, it’s like there is no one else in the whole world. All you have is each other, and this makes you happier than you have ever been.

2. She genuinely supports you.

This woman is always pushing you to do better because she believes in your undeniable potential. When she looks at you, she sees a successful person who’s turning every dream into reality. She wants to see you thrive and be proud of your own accomplishments. That’s why she’s constantly encouraging you to chase your goals and believe in yourself.

3. She understands you need your personal space.

Your special lady is well-aware that every single person needs their own personal time and space. Therefore, she deeply respects your boundaries. What makes your relationship even stronger is that both of you are able to take time apart and do the things you love separately, which is essential for your mental wellbeing. Moreover, when you get back together, it feels magical because the time apart also teaches you how much you mean to each other.

4. She brings out the best in you, not the stress in you.

As she is always pushing you to do better, she helps you become the greatest version of yourself. Her love for you is so deeply heartfelt that all she ever wants is to see you fortunate and truly happy. She has her own ways of making you try harder and push forward, so you can make your dreams come true. What’s more, her positive energy brings balance to your life and makes you believe anything is possible, as she’s beside you

5. She’s the one you can trust more than anyone else.

Her honest soul and her kind heart make you trust her unconditionally. You know that whenever something bothersome happens, she will come to tell you first about it, and this brings you peace. Besides, if there’s something you need to share with someone, you know she will be happy to offer you her shoulder to cry on, to listen to what’s troubling your mind, and to help you get through it all.

6. She’s the person you truly connect with.

When the two of you are together, there is not a single thing you cannot talk about. Her easygoing nature makes you feel comfortable discussing anything with her and trusting her with all of your secrets. And whenever a problem occurs, you are able to just sit down and talk things through, without causing any further complications with unnecessary anger. You connect with her on levels you have never achieved with anyone else.

7. She sees a future with you, as you see her in your future too.

The time you spend together feels so magical you cannot imagine her not being a part of your life. You share the same core values, you have the same sense of humor, and you both love being in each other’s company. What’s more, you’re headed in the same direction, and this makes you believe she’s going to be beside you till the rest of your days.

8. She doesn’t get afraid when rough patches occur.

This exceptional woman has proven she is going to be there for you, even in your darkest times. Her love and support for you are unconditional. She isn’t someone who would just give up whenever something bad happens. Instead, she is going to stay right by your side and help you get through it all.

Have you found any of these signs relatable? Then you may be the luckiest person in the world! If your lady has proven to be a true keeper, make sure you show her how much she means to you and never let her go.

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