There are reasons for empaths being drawn to narcissists like moths to flame

What characterizes an ’empath’?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who are capable of feeling great empathy and compassion. According to Healthline, empaths also dislike conflict, care deeply, and are easily overwhelmed. Surprisingly, empaths are most often attracted to narcissists. Taking this further, narcissists are the complete opposite of empaths as they are manipulative, deceitful, and selfish. Unlike empaths, narcissists have a severe lack of empathy and are incapable of taking other people’s emotions into account. This means that they frequently hurt those around them without feeling remorse, guilt, or regret.

If they are so different, why are empaths and narcissists drawn to one another?

Empaths tend to fall for people who seem wounded, weak, and in need of affection. Often, this means that they fall for narcissists who play the victim in order to get attention and special treatment. Narcissists need people who will boost their egos and make them feel special. For this reason, the empath seems like the narcissist’s perfect partner. As a result of their ability to care deeply, an empath will feed the ego of the narcissist and unintentionally strengthen the narcissist’s belief that they are superior. What is more, due to their fear of conflict, an empath will do everything they can to avoid arguments. This fear paired with the empath’s inability to set boundaries also makes it easy for a narcissist to control, manipulate, and use them. 

More often than not, the empath is left hurt and traumatized.

Unfortunately, even when they are mistreated and disrespected, empaths make excuses and try to rationalize their partner’s actions and words. They do so because they find it difficult to believe that there are people who do not feel the same empathy and compassion as they do. Nevertheless, sooner or later, the empaths are forced to face the ugly truth; that is, they realize that their narcissistic partners have no compassion and no regard for the feelings of those around them. Ultimately, the relationship between these two completely opposite people is built on abuse and often ends in heartbreak for the empath.

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