The truth is I’m strong but I’m tired

Always being the strong one is mentally exhausting, isn’t it?

But the truth is staying sane while crying out tears no one knows you cried is showing admirably high levels of emotional intelligence.

Even when you’ve only known heartbreak, you still believe there’s true love. Despite all the times you’ve been hurt by the ones you thought would never hurt you, you still see goodness in everyone. And when someone’s being unreasonably rude, you never respond with disrespect. Instead, you simply bite your tongue, knowing that their behavior isn’t a reflection of you, but of themselves.

Only a strong person like you can put themselves in other’s shoes and empathize even on the ones who have mistreated them the most. Because strength means overcoming yourself and helping others, even when they don’t deserve your help.

Undeniably, you have the mind and the spirit of a powerful human being.

But you’re also so darn tired of being the strong one, aren’t you? 

You’re tired of pretending everything is fine while you’re dying inside of sadness. You’re tired of blaming yourself for other’s mistakes and beating yourself up for trusting the wrong people. Frankly, you’re just tired of being tired. All you want is to be able to show your weaknesses, without being judged by the ones who expect you to always be reasonable. Is this too much to ask for?

Countless nights you’ve been losing sleep, thinking about all the times your heart was torn into pieces. After all the times your hopes were shattered, and all the times you were the only one there for you when you needed someone, you managed to remain strong and sane. All the sleepless nights and the negative thoughts are draining every last bit of your energy. Yet, you still put a smile on your face. This strength of yours is truly precious. But the burden of not being able to show your flaws is slowly killing you inside.

The saddest part is, most of the people in your circle don’t even know how you’re actually feeling. They see your big smile and your admirable confidence, and they automatically think you’ve got your life together. But what they don’t see is how you’re losing yourself in an attempt to make everyone else happy. They can’t even imagine how emotionally exhausting it is to be constantly challenged by life, just because you can handle the pain.

What others believe you effortlessly carry on your shoulders is weighing your soul down.

You’ve been stuck in an endless loop of overthinking, agonizing, and pretending to be okay when in reality, your heart is bleeding.

Candidly, carrying such a burden can be incredibly hurtful. You are familiar with pain on levels no one in your circle is. You’ve known sadness like no one else. You may think this makes you weak or damaged, but it actually makes you even stronger. This makes you love deeper, and genuinely appreciate every little joy in your life.

Despite all the sadness, your heart is still able to open up for true love. Even though you’ve been aching for so long, you know someday it will all be worth it. Although your soul is tired, you will always choose the path you’ve already chosen.

You are rare, remember that. Your kind is the light the world needs to heal. Your empathy, humanity, and compassion are what makes you strong, not the way you manage to hide your pain.

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