The problems of Social Exhaustion and how to heal from it

Social exhaustion is a common problem widely known as an introvert hangover/burnout.

It is essentially something people with introvert personality traits are having to deal with. When introverts spend too much time around other people, they end up feeling crushed and drained of energy.

While not all introverts experience this, many do, and it can be quite irritating.

When people spend too much time in social circles, especially from the introvert side, they end up feeling broken and in need of a reboot. In order to get back on track, alone time is needed, and the less available that is, the more this negative state intensifies.

Even just half an hour can ease the situation, and while some people may find it rude, walking away when you feel exhausted is something you simply have to do for your own sake.

While you might see extroverts getting a boost by spending extensive amounts of time around others, the introvert is different. There is a limit to the amount of social time an introvert can tolerate, after which they need to relax and close themselves in order to recharge their batteries. Things begin to make sense once you consider the differences between these two categories of people.

Here’s a brief explanation:

Studies have found that both introverts and extroverts reported strong levels of fatigue after hours of socializing. This, of course, makes perfect sense as socializing requires energy: You have to listen, talk, and thoughtfully process the information you are given, to name a few things.

There are, however, a few key differences between extroverts and introverts, and they break down to their reward-response systems. In this case, rewards are things like getting a promotion at work, eating a tasty meal, or getting the number of a romantic interest.

According to experts, introverts have a less active dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the reward and pleasure centers of the brain) and reward system than extroverts. Having a stronger dopamine reward system means that extroverts get more excited and energized by the possibility of reward than their counterparts. Hence, extroverts are much keener to initiate a conversation with a stranger or be the last one at the bar.

Surely, introverts also need relationships, food, and getting to a higher position on the job ladder. But in simple terms, they just aren’t that set on pursuing things with the same passion as extroverts.

If you are a person in need of alone time, you are still simply human. There isn’t anything wrong with caring for your own wellbeing and you shouldn’t let others make you feel guilty for that.

Just because you are socially exhausted doesn’t mean you aren’t happy around the people you care about and remembering that is crucial.

For further information on how to overcome social burnouts please see the video below. Distancing yourself from others briefly to recharge your batteries will make a serious difference for you. You must do all that is necessary to be comfortable in your own skin.

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