The kindest people have the most beautiful minds

Kindness is not a weakness. It’s a superpower.

Being kind shows you the world in its most beautiful form. So why are there people who still mistake goodness for a flaw and consider genuine souls for an easy target? 

Many people fail to realize that kindness begins with seeing through the pain of others. One of its essential elements is indeed empathy that allows you to understand how others feel. It provides you a better knowledge of how the minds of the people around you work. 

Moreover, it gives you the ability to sense toxic people from miles away, which saves a lot of otherwise unavoidable struggles. That priceless ability helps you protect your mental health from those who intend to harm it. It promises you a drama-free lifestyle, which, to be honest, is a luxury nowadays. Besides, it encourages you to say exactly what you mean without being afraid of the reaction your words will provoke. This is a freedom not many can afford.

The most empathetic people have the most brilliant minds. 

The kindest, most selfless people possess admirable levels of emotional intelligence. They never judge others before they dive into their full stories. Even then, they always try to understand the motives, intentions, and triggers that cause someone to behave irrationally. That’s because they know how challenging life may get and how difficult it is to remain sane in times of despair. 

What’s exciting about those remarkable beings is that they are always open to new things. They love exploring new possibilities and saying ‘Yes’ to new opportunities. You will always find them seeking a new thrill. Their adventurous side is moved by their desire to get to know the world better in all of its colorful patterns. 

Someone who shows no signs of goodness can never be as passionate about life as a kindhearted person who appreciates every single second of it. Those who prioritize their own comfort and care only about themselves are blind to the countless chances this world gives them. Sadly, they have no eyes for the good in others, which makes them unable to build strong friendships and relationships. 

On the contrary, kind people always consider the feelings of others.

They always think about how their actions will affect the ones around them. Whatever they do, they do it with compassion and hearts full of love. This proves that being kind and being wise are basically the same thing, as wisdom portrays the beautiful combination of intelligence and compassion. 

Sooner or later, life would teach the ones who still see kindness as a weakness that it’s rather a power that opens many doors. Until that moment comes, we can only hope that those selfless, empathetic souls will never stop giving us all an amazing example of how we should go through life. 

Be kind. Always!

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