The inevitable dangers of a Broken Heart

Can a broken heart actually hurt, or is it only a figure of speech? Let’s find out!

Perhaps, the ones who still believe that having your heart broken is nothing but an expression are lucky to have never experienced such a tearing pain. Hopefully, they never will. But those who know how much a broken heart can hurt are well-aware of the dangers that come along.

For instance, medicine has explored the ‘broken heart syndrome‘ for years, describing its detrimental influence over a person’s mental and physical health.

It can be caused by an emotionally distressing event. Its symptoms include severe chest pain, similar to a heart attack.

What are the physical dangers of a Broken Heart?

Having your heart broken after ending a relationship with someone you deeply cared for, losing a loved one, or even losing yourself is utterly devastating. Many people, unable to mentally handle the pain, experience actual physical consequences such as dramatic changes in rhythm and blood substances and irregular heartbeats.

Oftentimes, those suffering from a broken heart go through symptoms related to depression. In some extreme cases, it even leads to suicidal thoughts. Experts from the American Psychological Association claim:

“High commitment to a romantic relationship may serve as a risk factor of depression and therefore of suicide when the relationship is terminated.”

This condition is caused by the brain’s reaction to treating the separation or loss as trauma.

When your brain decides that you are going through a severely traumatic experience, it automatically increases your anxiety levels. We all know that being struck by an anxiety attack can crush you. What’s important for us to know is that we can overcome these overwhelming attacks. All we need to do is breathe.

By practicing different breathing techniques, involving slowing down the breathing itself, you can help your heart rate slow down too. This way, you will be able to regain control over your body. Therefore, you will avoid possible headaches, high blood pressure, and other symptoms associated with the changes in breathing during stressful situations.

Are there any emotional dangers of having your heart broken?

The researchers exploring the emotional effects of a broken heart in romantic relationships found that when people are deeply involved with their partners, they are more likely to fall into depression if a breakup befalls. While conducting the study, the scientists were focused on two main factors: the participants’ level of involvement in the couple and their proneness to depression. They discovered that the more a person is devoted to their relationship, the harder they will handle a potential separation.

Broken heart syndrome is more than just a figure of speech, and we all need to understand that. If you believe you are suffering from a broken heart, and you experience actual physical or emotional pain, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor. Remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Have you ever suffered from a broken heart?

Did you have any of the physical or emotional symptoms? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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