The Bar for Best Man's Speeches Just Got Raised. A Lot.

best manIf you’ve never had the immense privilege of giving a speech at a weeding, it’s not as easy as you’d think. It’s a great responsibility as a maid of honor or a best man to accurately convey your love and appreciation for the newly wed couple. The maid of honer/best man speech is kind of like the un-official blessing of the union from the people closest to the bride and groom.
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Well, the bar has officially been raised to nearly unobtainable levels, thanks to Daniel Buccheri and his best man’s speech at his brother Adrian’s wedding. Using a simple keyboard, his voice, and an incredible talent, Daniel expresses his wishes for the new couple in a way that made me laugh, and maybe even tear up a little. Really, a beautiful tribute to his brother and his new wife.

Daniel Buccheri

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