The ‘Baby Shield’ Protects You From The Mess Your Baby Creates

It is not new information that babies are capable of causing a huge mess.

Despite their adorable nature, babies can cause chaos. Parents are well aware of the mess that a child can cause when they are being fed or changed. Seeing that there is a need for a fun yet practical product that would minimize this chaos, Kindex took the opportunity to create the Baby Shield. On its box, this product is described in the following way:

Now you can experience all the joy and fulfillment of parenthood without all the mess. Baby Shield protects you from unexpected squires and spurts that sloppy infants emit. Laboratory-grade rubber gloves guard your hands and forearms from gunk, and it’s clear plastic screen allows you to savor every precious moment with your baby — while blocking those unsavory smells and secretions.


The vinyl shield comes with a pair of rubber gloves.

This product protects against all the accidents which can occur when feeding or changing a baby. It consists of 550 square inches of 60-gauge marine vinyl with rubber gloves that have securely been attached using silicone cuffs. These rubber gloves are liquid resistant and thick (but thin enough for you to hold your baby with ease). The Baby Shield can be the perfect Christmas gift for friends who have recently become parents.


More importantly, it is the perfect prank.

Of course, there is no such product. This is the perfect Christmas prank as, on the box, the baby shield described above is drawn and depicted. Giving this to friends who have just entered parenthood could shock and terrify them. However, they will burst into laughter as they open the box and see that its contents have nothing to do with the image on the front. Inside the box, your friends will find a beautiful sweater instead of a baby shield.

If you are looking for a new way to surprise your friends and family, this prank gift is perfect.

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