The 7 Types of Toxic Relationships You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Relationships aren’t equal in quality.

And while the right ones can bring true happiness and a sense of belonging and security for us, the wrong relationships will hurt us in more ways than one.

From controlling relationships to physical and psychological abuse, here are the most toxic types of partnerships you must avoid like the plague.

1. Nothing but passion

Were you ever in a relationship with someone who just immediately set you on fire? Sadly, quite often, crazy, and overly-passionate relationships come to an end quickly, and can eventually lead to something truly toxic that will haunt you till the end of your days.

2. An overly dominant partner

One-sided relationships are bad news and leave little room for the couple to create transformative or meaningful experiences. When one person takes all the control, they take away the independence and value of the other.

3. Never-ending criticism

If we get criticized way too often by our other half, we can eventually start doubting ourselves and the way we see relationships in general. Someone who is constantly picking at you is seeking to degrade your sense of self so you can become more dependent on them and their way of doing things.

4. Drama queens

А relationship with a partner who is constantly getting triggered over every little thing is a waste of time no matter how you look at it. When we take part in relationships that are based all around the drama, we find ourselves fighting painful emotional turmoil and constant fallout that can lead to many negative things including psychological breakdown.

5. Too much comfort

Even though feeling secure in our relationships is desirable, we should not fall into feeling comfortable to a point of giving up on ourselves, our ambitions, and our core values. Relationships that enable us to be comfortable no matter how low we may fall can eventually prevent us from becoming the best versions of ourselves. Thus, partners must always remind each other not to be slouches.

6. Instant obsession

At some point in your life, you’ve probably found yourself obsessed with someone after knowing them for a short while. And as tempting and sexy as it may feel, obsession is not true love and should be avoided because it is unhealthy and can sometimes irreversibly damage our sense of purpose.

7. Too many lies

Truth and authenticity are the building blocks of any long-lasting relationship, and without them, things are bound to fall apart sooner or later. It is not possible to work together and grow together as a healthy couple when one of the people involved (or both) is masking reality to fit their own selfish needs.

When we lie to one another, we can not identify problems and we shut down the most vital channels of communication. Without honesty and loyalty, a ’till death do us part’ kind of relationship is simply impossible.

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