Terrence Higgins Trust gives advice on sex during Coronavirus

It is to be expected that the “new normal” brought about by the pandemic applies to your intimate life as well. 

Terrence Higgins Trust – the British charity that campaigns about HIV and sexual health – has released doctors’ advice on sex during COVID-19. The Trust has explained that it hopes to help people make informed decisions regarding intercourse in order to prevent the rise of Coronavirus cases and victims.

Dr. Michael Brady, Medical Doctor at Terrence Higgins Trust explains that Coronavirus can be transmitted through contact with somebody who is not experiencing any symptoms: “COVID-19 can be caught from people who have the virus but do not have symptoms, which means that having sex with someone who doesn’t have COVID-19 symptoms is not a guarantee that you won’t get it”.

According to Healthline, Dr. Felice Gersh has provided further information on contracting the virus as the doctor states: “The intercourse itself isn’t what’s spreading the virus. It’s the fact that your bodies are so close together.”

How do doctors advise you stay safe?

The majority of doctors agree that at this time, the safest option is to not engage in intercourse. This is seen as a given considering that social distancing rules are still in place. The second safest option, they claim, is to only be intimate with a partner who lives in your household. The least safe would be to have intimate relations with strangers and/or multiple people. Nevertheless, advice has still been given for this option in order to ensure that if – although it is not advised – people choose to do so, they may at least do so cautiously and with the necessary precautions. Dr. Michael Brady writes: “You can reduce your risk of catching or passing on COVID-19 by sticking with a regular partner or limiting the number of sexual partners. Not kissing, wearing a face mask during sex and favouring positions where you’re not face-to-face may also help.”

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