Teen Trolls MAGA Parents Into Admitting They Wouldn’t Support Her In Dating Someone Like Trump To Highlight Their Hypocrisy

A teenage girl left her parents speechless when she pointed out their hypocrisy.

  • The teen explained that she is going on a date with someone who makes racist comments and has sexual assault allegations.
  • When her Trump-supporting parents heard this, they asked why she would want to go out with someone like this.
  • Pointing out their hypocrisy, she asked why they would want a man like that to run their country.

The girl shared the conversation she had with her parents on TikTok.

Faith (@faithashjuran) decided to pull a prank on her Trump-supporting parents – a prank that would also highlight their hypocrisy. She recorded a conversation in which she informs them that she is going to go on a date. Faith describes the person she is planning on dating and says that he has had several sexual assault allegations. In addition to this, she goes further as she explains that she has also found several racist comments on his Twitter. It is as this point that her parents asked her why she would ever consider dating a person like this. Faith then turned things around as she pointed out their hypocrisy by asking, “But you’d let a man like this run the country?”

The viral TikTok can be seen below:

Twitter users applauded Faith and condemned the behavior of her parents:

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