Teen outraged after mum marries girlfriend’s dad and forbids them from dating as they are now ‘siblings’

After dating for three years, a young couple was shocked to find out that their parents were getting married.

The relationship between the 18-year-old and his 17-year-old girlfriend was affected deeply when they found out that their parents were getting married. Once the teen’s mother married the girl’s father, they were forbidden from dating as their parents constantly stressed that it was weird for them to date. In addition to this, they were forbidden from being home alone or engaging in public displays of affection. Infuriated by these new rules and the way his mother now refers to his girlfriend as his sister, the 18-year-old shared his experience on Reddit, asking for help.

The Redditor posted the following to the ‘AITA (Am I the a**hole)’ subReddit:

I 18m have been dating my girlfriend 17f for 3 years now. My mom, and her dad got married and we live together. We were dating before our parents were, yet our parents have told us its innapropriate for step siblings to date.

We can’t show any affection in public or our parents ground us. We cna’t be in our rooms alone, or ever be home alone. Its so f***ing infuriating. My parents also make it worse by saying things like “take this over to your SISTER” or “how are you in your sister feeling”

I got so sick of this, I hugged my gf and my mom broke it up and said there was too much touching and I just lost my sh*t and yelled “f**k you, i am so sick of your sh*t, she’s my girlfriend, much longer than you’ve marreid Sam, I will continue to date Jessica whether or not you approve, you can’t decide what i do f**k you” and I left the house, pulling Jessica out with me.

SHe said i was unecessarily rude to my mom. I could see my mom crying through the window. We came back several hours later and my mom and Sam were there to give us a talk. They had a discussion and told us about how we need to stop being entitled and accept the fact we are siblings now and we have to behave appropriately. I told them they could go f**k themselves nad left, Jessica followed me into my room, i locked the door and ignored them as tehy knocked on the door and were telling me to come out, They gave up after a bit.

F**king hell i want to move out.

Redditor (Frosty-Dream4101)

Many Redditors voted that the young man was NTA (Not the a**hole). 

Redditors could vote one of the following four options:

  • NTA – Not the a**hole
  • YTA – You’re the a**hole
  • ESH – Everyone sucks here
  • NAH – No a**holes here

The majority voted that in this case, the 18-year-old OP (Original poster) was NTA. Moreover, they judged the parents’ behavior and claimed that it is probably best that he and his girlfriend move out as soon as they can.

  • “NTA. You’re parents are loons and are throwing a temper tantrum because they want to create a fantasy world. Even if you weren’t dating, them getting married wouldn’t magically turn Jessica into your sister.” — Moggetti
  • “NTA. I’m sorry your parents are delusional.” — Mis_Bee_Have
  • “NTA. Move out. And when she turns 18, take her with you.” — anonymous_chaos_
  • “NTA. That is enough I would just go no contact with my parents. That is toxic as can be.” — Puoaper

What would you vote?

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