Study Confirms The Obvious About Men Who Send Dick Pics

Why do men send dick pics according to science?

Let’s find out! 

Millions of men have sent dick pics, millions of women have received them. But what happens in a man’s brain the moment before he decides to slide into someone’s DMs with a snap of his penis?

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Sex Research, most men who send unrequested pictures of their private parts to women demonstrate “higher levels of narcissism and endorsed greater ambivalent and hostile sexism than their non-sending counterparts.”

The researchers worked with 1,087 men who completed an online survey. It was revealed that 48% of the participants have previously sent unsolicited dick pics, IFL Science reports.

The study conducted: Most men who send dick pics are narcissists

Typically, narcissists are self-absorbed individuals who are convinced that the world revolves around them. They tend to act manipulative around others, trying their best to have control over their reactions.

Not only did the research reveal that most of the men who are prone to sending images of their penises show narcissistic traits, but some 15% of them admitted they did so to elicit fear in recipients. Besides, 8% of the participants said they are doing it hoping to evoke a sense of shame.

Misogyny and control were also amongst the main motivations for sending an unsolicited dick snap. Some of the respondents supported statements, including, “I feel a sense of dislike toward women and sending dick pics is satisfying” and “sending dick pics gives me a feeling of control.”

Overall, the men who are prone to sending such private images were found to be absolutely deluded when it comes to the value of their apparatus. The vast majority were convinced that a picture of their penis will inspire positive feelings in the person they send it to.

A shocking 82% of men who send dick pics are doing it to sexually excite women. 

What is more, 50% of them do it because they believe a picture of their private parts will make the recipient feel attractive. Additionally, many are doing it with the hope of receiving sexy snaps in return.

In conclusion, the researchers state that the act of sending a dick pic should be reviewed on an individual level.

“The unsolicited dick pic phenomenon cannot be viewed solely as a sexist campaign, nor as a positive outlet for sexuality; instead, cases must be considered on an individual basis.”

However, they are clear that it is not a man’s uncontrollable sexual desire that makes him fill someone’s message box with pictures of his penis. Perhaps, many individuals who do it believe that their faces would not make such a strong impression.

What do you think of dick pics? Have you sent or received such dirty snaps? Let s know in the comment section!

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