How narcissists manipulate everyone and still look good in their eyes

They never take responsibility for their actions. They always find a way to get away clean out of every situation.

That’s right – they are narcissists.

One way or another, we have all seen a narcissist in action. We have either witnessed their nasty mind games without being involved in them, or we have been unfortunate enough to become their victims. Although some of them are incredibly experienced manipulators, they all have their limits. Sooner or later, their evil plans get exposed.

However, some narcissists always seem to find the perfect excuse.

They easily deceive others into thinking they never meant to hurt anyone, even if that was their only goal from the very beginning. Their unreal charm can make you believe every single word they say, even if it sounds beyond insane. Sometimes they make it seem so effortless that you just sit there and wonder what sorcery are they using.

But just as nothing in this world lasts forever, a narcissist’s charm has its expiration date. Eventually, their true colors come to light. The magnetic persona they were using to fool their victims shatters into pieces to reveal their cruel intentions. They become the manipulative toxic person that makes you doubt your self-worth and question your whole reality. And even though you realize they have been using you, escaping from their poisonous trap seems impossible.

Narcissists have the evil superpower to make themselves look like a genuine person in the eyes of others.

Unfortunately, these little lies and deceptions are hurting everyone around them. Moreover, the ones who end up hurt sometimes can’t even see that the one they believe was genuine from the start, was actually plotting the whole scene. Their pure minds refuse to believe there are people in this world that would so ruthlessly take advantage of their kindness.

Oftentimes, even when the narcissist’s victim sees through their fake persona, everyone else seems to believe in their lies. Everyone else is enchanted by their appealing influence and doesn’t recognize the warning signs, even the most obvious ones. What is more, they are also convinced that the victim is the one who has been trying to fool them, so they often tend to take the narcissist’s side whenever an argument occurs.

Due to the narcissists’ irresistible charm, only a few can detect their real intentions before it gets too late.

However, these several sharp-minded beings can reveal the truth and help others see their toxic face.

Although exposing a narcissist can turn out to be incredibly challenging, as they have deceived too many people who are convinced of their innocence, it is never impossible. They might be experienced manipulators, but they are also short-tempered and self-conscious. Sooner or later, their walls will crash, and their real personality will be uncovered.

Sadly, there will most probably be collateral damage. Someone’s feelings will still be hurt. Someone will still struggle to pick up the pieces from their broken heart. But eventually, the pain will fade away, the bad memories will be forgotten, and the wounded souls will heal.

Narcissists might be great at fooling the ones around them, but their own fragile minds are their worst enemies.

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