Strong women are not born, they are created by the storms they survive

Life can be extremely painful at times, but some women are just too strong to let it bring them down. 

Not all women let life hurt and discourage them. Some come out of the fire even stronger and wiser, and they spread their wings to reach even higher heights.

They can find the light in any darkness. They can survive the hardships, grow past their failures, and let their struggles craft a better, stronger, and wiser version of themselves.

They are the inspiration that many desperate women out there seek. The strength that gives them hope. The motivation they need to push onwards and the living proof that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.

So here are 7 unique traits that define strong women:

1. They believe in themselves

Strong women know precisely what they are capable of and what they want out of life. They are guided by their gut, and that is how they know they’re always on the right path.

2. They know their own worth

They know their soft as well as their strong spots. They are fully aware of their own limitations, but they are also fully confident about the things they’re capable of. That is the reason they never compare themselves to others. They may be flawed, but they are uniquely special.

3. What hurts them only makes them stronger

Strong women are warriors and they are don’t let the high tides of life sweep them away. They learn from their mistakes and keep on walking with a raised head. They use their failures as stepping stones.

4. They don’t want to be centers of attention, they just want to be respected

You will never see strong women crawl for anyone’s approval. They have no interest in anything more but respect. Be aware, strong women do not waste their time trying to convince people to respect them. They simply walk away from those who disrespect them.

5. They are not afraid to show how they feel

Strong women don’t have a problem showing their weaknesses and let people know that they too are flawed human beings. Regardless of the hardships life throws at them, they have enough strength in them to get back up on their feet, combat the issues at hand, and keep on fighting.

6. They are incredibly forgiving

Strong women don’t waste their energy on holding grudges and fantasizing about revenge. They are caring, loving, and full of forgiveness. They steer away from negativity and choose to forgive rather than take vengeance. Because they know that none of us are perfect and the only way we can learn from our mistakes is by getting a chance to try again and do better.

7. They are honest, no matter how hurtful the truth may be

The heart of a strong woman is well-intentioned. They put honesty on a pedestal and that is why they would rather hurt someone’s feelings by telling the truth than make them feel at ease by lying.

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