A strong woman would never leave herself behind for the sake of a relationship

Real love shouldn’t force you to lose yourself. Strong women undoubtedly know that.

They never let themselves forget who they are and what do they believe in.

Even if they have to experience another hurtful heartbreak, strong women always stay true to themselves.

What is love? No, it’s not a famous song that will get stuck in your mind for the rest of the day. Love is a rare and precious feeling. It gets your heart race and skip a beat at the same time. Love gives you great power and requires great responsibilities. It’s both astonishing and terrifying. That’s why love is the most amazing thing you could ever feel. But is it worth the risk to give up your true nature?

The truth is, authentic and genuine love that comes from a good place would never force you to break your boundaries and lose your soul. Powerful women know that. They know it because they have already seen the ugly face of love. The one that blocks your senses and makes you blindly give yourself to the wrong person. The one that almost broke their whole world into pieces. That’s what made them so strong and determined.

A strong woman would never abandon herself for the sake of a relationship.

She would never crush her own dreams and beliefs for someone else. She would never lose herself to keep a rotting relationship going. A strong woman would know when the person standing before her, wanting to hold her hand and her heart, is worth it. This woman has already been through so much, that she needs to take only one look at you, to know whether you are genuine or fake. She knows that if someone truly loves her with their whole heart and soul, they would never force her to change her extraordinary nature.

A strong woman has been through many painful heartbreaks. But this made her the amazing person she is now.

She used to believe that a relationship is worth losing yourself for. She used to give her soul to people who never deserved it. Her pure mind was blinded by what she used to call love. For a brief moment, she thought she was nothing without the person she was in love with. She was feeling like she’s just not enough. But still, she tried harder and harder to fix what was broken from the very beginning. She was fixing it with parts of her own heart. And she got hurt. Many times.

Lessons learned. Now she is stronger than ever.

Now she knows how valuable and outstanding she is. She learned how to protect her heart from dirty hands. And she learned it the hard way. That’s why this woman is so strong and stunning. Just like a phoenix, she rose from the ashes of pain and became her most dazzling and brilliant self.

She mastered the art of loving herself first. Every day, and every minute, she grows so remarkably, her younger self would be so proud of her. However, she never stopped looking for pure and authentic love. The difference now is that she is aware of her self-worth, and she knows what she deserves. Her own peace and her own self-growth are way more important than keeping together an insignificant relationship.

What this strong woman needs now is a person who also knows what they want from life.

The same determined, ambitious, and genuine being as her. The one that knows people are not made to be someone’s halves. She’s looking for love that will make her soul fly, and her mind blossom. A love that won’t make her lose herself, but will support and motivate her to achieve her goals.

A strong woman won’t settle for anything less than that.

And you shouldn’t too. You can be that same fierce and powerful woman. You just need to believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. Be the strong woman you’ve always admired. Let your younger self be amazed by the person you are today.

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