These strange, soft blue bananas taste like vanilla ice cream

  • People who tried the Blue Java banana say that it tastes like vanilla ice cream.
  • They have a creamy taste and texture, hence they are called “ice cream bananas.”
  • YouTube vloggers tested the rare bananas to find out if the rumors are true.

Bananas are highly popular and quite easy to find.

It is sometimes hard to imagine that a fruit so delicious can be nutritious and taste amazing at the same time but bananas prove that you can have both – and in this case, especially the Blue Java.

The blue bananas are not photoshopped! They are very real and can be found in the wild.

Reportedly, the Blue Java banana originated from South East Asia. It then spread to Fiji, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Central America. Finding these in the Western world, however, is going to be a difficult task.

Even though the Blue Java is likely the most recognized name for this fruit, it is also known by other names such as ice cream banana (in Hawaii), Hawaiian banana (in Fiji), and Cenizo (Central America).

The Blue Java Banana has great health benefits.

It is high in potassium and has a multitude of minerals in it that makes it full of nutrients. Also, it is great for weight loss and would actually work perfectly with low-fat ice-cream.

Everything about the Blue Java seems like it’s made up, and this is why vegan vlogger Grant Campbell, a.k.a. Raw Aussie Athlete on YouTube, decided to test it himself. He filmed his own reaction when he first tried the “ice cream banana.”

He said:

“Party in my mouth. So good. Unbelievable. You’ve got to wait until these suckers are so soft that you’re ready to throw them away and then eat them – that’s the time to eat them.”

Another YouTuber called LadyFlower tasted the blue banana and said, that it has a “very creamy taste” and a “much milder flavor” than regular bananas.

What are your thoughts on this tasty discovery? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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