Stop Running After Love – It Will Embrace You When You Least Expect It

Let’s be honest – we have all gone through this.

We have all felt the sorrow of desperately searching for love, but not being able to find it. 

We have all had our dreams and hopes stomped to the ground. Those dreams that one day we will meet the person who will make us fall in love with life in a completely new way.

We have all felt like we aren’t good enough for someone we had a crush on and we’ve all wondered whether love will ever come our way.

But here’s the truth about love.

You may desperately search for it all over, but you will never know when it will come your way.

Love will appear when you least expect it. It will come when you stop looking for it. It will fulfill its destiny and take you by surprise. It will appear in a place where you never thought you’d find it, in a moment of hopelessness and despair.

Love will gently step into your life and bring you into the caring arms of a person you never thought you could have so much in common with. And when it finds you, its magic will change the way you see the world forever.

It will rid you of your doubts, fears, and insecurities.

It will heal all your wounds.

You will never have felt such relief knowing that everything is just as it should be. Your life will be filled with purpose. You will be able to clearly see that all the pain and struggle you’ve been through have actually lead you to the one who will make your dreams come true.

I know that you might be at a point of exhaustion. I know that you’re tired of searching.

But it’s alright. You can relax.

Stop running after love and stop worrying whether you’ll ever find the right one.

Instead, make sure to focus on life and become the best version of yourself.

Love will shine its light on you when you least expect it. It will shower you with its warmth and give you comfort when you most need it. It will transform your life and prove to you that magic is real. It will make you feel complete and heal your broken heart. It will give you a reason to go on and make the best out of your time on this earth.

Love does exist, and you are fully deserving of it.

And soon, it will find its way to you.

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