Stop normalizing toxic behavior in relationships: 6 things you should never tolerate

Love can make you do foolish things, including overlooking red flags and tolerating toxic behavior.

When you are convinced you are in love, you believe there is hope for a change. You think that as time passes, the disrespect you have been treated with will fade away, and the person who doesn’t appreciate you now will see your true worth and will adore you for it. Unfortunately, the change you crave so desperately never comes.

We live in a world where toxic behavior is being normalized.

Being a victim of your partner’s disregard is considered typical. Many people believe that this is just a part of a relationship’s ups and downs. But they couldn’t be further from the truth.

You should never put up with someone’s toxicity. No matter how much you think you love a certain person, if they treat you miserably, you should stand up for yourself. You deserve to be loved right. You will be loved right. But first, you must learn that allowing being mistreated is something you should never do.

Here are 6 things you should never tolerate:

1. Never put up with lies. 

You might think that a single white lie is harmless. But what happens when the lies pile up, and you don’t know what to believe in? If someone disrespects your trust by trying to manipulate you, you better get the hell out of there. Because if you choose to stay despite being lied to, you will eventually start questioning your whole reality.

2. Never lose yourself in a relationship. 

Losing yourself in a relationship means letting your partner prevail and have control over who you are. Allowing someone to alter your personality the way it suits them will force you into losing your identity. Regardless of how genuine your feelings for that person are, giving up on yourself is something you should never do.

3. Never let your mistakes define who you are.

You are a human being, which means you make mistakes, just like every single one of us. But you have realized your fault, apologized for your actions, and moved on. In that case, you shouldn’t allow anyone to break you down and guilt-trip you over things you have already paid for.

4. Never feel ashamed of where you come from. 

Your past is what made you the person you are today. The people you used to hang out with contributed tremendously to your morals and beliefs. The place you grew up in gave you invaluable life lessons that will guide you till the rest of your days. That is why you should never allow anyone to make you feel regretful of the person you used to be.

5. Never allow anyone to hold you back. 

Some people would do anything to keep you for themselves so they can control you. They would even try to crush your dreams and hold you back from your life goals. But you should never let them force you to give up on the future you know you deserve.

6. Never do things you don’t want to.

If someone forces you to do certain things you disapprove of, then this someone’s intentions are far from pure. So, instead of letting them control your actions, stand your ground and refuse to follow their lead. No one who cares for you will ever make you do something that doesn’t fit your moral values or might hurt your feelings.

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