Stepmother Asks Internet How To ‘Get Rid’ Of Fiancé’s Four-Year-Old Daughter

A stepmother has shocked and outraged thousands of people after asking how she can get rid of her fiancé’s four-year-old daughter.

  • The woman is seven months pregnant and engaged to a widower.
  • She complained that the 4-year-old girl resembles her fiancé’s late wife and that she worries she will ‘take away’ from her baby’s bond to her father.
  • Finally, she confessed that she wants to convince her fiancé to ‘get rid of her’. 

This woman’s message has gone viral after she asked how she can get rid of her fiancé’s four-year-old child.

The unnamed woman reached out to Instagram life coach @talkswithmee to share her story. Soon after, the woman’s message was reposted on the CNTRL+ALT+DLT that Relationship Facebook group. There, she faced criticism and backlash as her story horrified and outraged thousands of people. The woman began her story by explaining that she is looking for advice from other mothers in her position. “I need some advice from the mommies on your page,” she wrote. “My fiancé has a 4 year old daughter, her mother passed away when she was born. He’s been raising her on his own ever since he lost his wife. I am now in the picture and were [sic.] are set to get married in 2022. I’m also 7 months pregnant with a precious little girl.” Up until this point, everything seemed normal.

Then, she began complaining about the four-year-old child.

Readers began to question the woman’s character once she wrote, “I am not the stepmother type and I know I won’t treat his daughter the same way I will treat our child, to be quiet [sic.] honest she gets on my damn nerves.” While this statement shocked readers, the message only got worse. “For one, the lil girl looks just like her mother and having her around constantly reminds my fiancé of his dead wife,” she added. “Second, she is very attached to her daddy and I’m afraid this is going to take away from my child’s bond with her father.”

She concluded the message with a terrifying confession.

“I basically want to tell my fiancé to get rid of her, she can live with her grandparents or we can find her a nice family that’s looking to adopt a child,” the stepmother shared. Here, it became evident that the woman is seeking advice on how to achieve this. “I don’t know how to approach the situation but I need to find a way to convince my fiancé to let her go.” One can infer that the woman must have known that her actions are immoral, inhumane, and cruel as she felt the need to explain, “I promise I am not a bad person, I’m just trying to look out for my child and make sure she receives all of her daddy’s attention without having her “older sister” intervene. Please help!”

Upon reading her story, thousands of people were left in disbelief.

Unsurprisingly, readers were outraged and they immediately began to criticize the stepmother. Some compared the story to that of Cinderella, claiming that the woman was exactly like the evil stepmother from the Disney film.


To sum up, everyone agreed that the woman was, in fact, an evil stepmother. 

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