Squid Game takes over Australia with REAL-LIFE Red Light Green Light game

A real-life Red Light Green Light game was set up in Sydney Harbour for the Australian fans of the Netflix show Squid Game.

Just in time for Halloween, Australian fans of the South Korean hit series Squid Game can play a real Red Light Green Light game.

A massive doll, just like the one in the first episode of the show, has been erected outside the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Daily Mail reports. The game, which is open to the public, will be in place until Monday, November 1.

The 4.5-meter-tall doll is guarded by two men dressed in pink suits and wearing masks on, as seen in the show. When it turns its head, it chants “red light, green light.” Once it looks back, anyone who moves gets eliminated, or in this case, asked to leave the game.

Considering the COVID-19 guidelines in the country, the residents who want to join the game must check in with a QR code and provide proof of vaccination.

The players are encouraged to wear pink and green tracksuits, just like the iconic characters from the show. 

If you still haven’t seen Squid Game, it’s a Netflix show about 456 people competing for a massive cash prize. Throughout the 9 episodes, they play a total of six children’s games. Anyone who breaks the rules or simply loses in the games gets eliminated.

Red Light Green Light is the first game the characters play, where they get to actually understand the deadly aspect of the tournament.

Less than a month after its release, Squid Game became Netflix’s most-watched show, with over 111 million fans.

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