4 Reasons to Spend Money On Experiences, Not Possessions

Author: Chase Holik

They always say that money can’t buy happiness.

That is true to a point, but money can make you happy in our consumerist world, where BUY is the world of the day. We always have to have the latest and greatest technology out there, even if we are completely satisfied with our current smartphone or tablet.

Buying stuff under peer pressure brings only short-term satisfaction. Soon, the manufacturer will release a newer version of the same product and the urge to have it will start gnawing at you again.

The only way to break this vicious circle is start thinking about non material things – travels to exotic destinations, voluntourism, or even joining the Foreign Legion. Well, maybe the Legion is too much of an adventure for most of us, but you know where I am getting…

The memory of a fantastic experience stays with you for life.

If you’re planning a long vacation overseas, it may seem like a financial challenge at first, but who said that precious memories can be obtained for a song?! I bet that in five years from now you will not remember when exactly you bought that awesome smartphone or tablet of yours, but you will still be talking about the amazing time you had in Thailand. Here’s why it’s better to spend money on experiences, not things:

1. Mother nature can give you some of the best experiences

A week of camping in the woods can give you some wonderful time and maximum relaxation at a very convenient price. It certainly requires some previous experience in camping and, of course, the right equipment.

Even city guys can enjoy a two-day getaway near a lake, or rent a cottage in a picturesque rural area for a romantic weekend with their partner. It’s been proven that just 20 minutes a day in nature could relieve urban stress. Try not to think about work, utilities or the kids’ finals.  Just observe the beauty of nature and immerse yourself in the surroundings’ tranquility.

In such moments you can reach some of your most insightful ideas about life, the universe, and everything.

2. You will talk about trips for years to come

Whether you go on a vacation with just your significant other or your family members, you will always remember the quality time you had together, especially if you are currently going through a difficult period.

You could spend a thousand dollars on a new TV that you will enjoy for a few years until it gets outdated, or you could spend that money traveling to a new destination and experiencing new things. Chances are that you will be more satisfied while exploring an unknown city, state or country.

3. Money isn’t such an issue when you are happy

Talking about a trip that you made in the past just naturally makes you happy. You can’t say that about any possessions that you purchased. When you experience a new place or new environment, you will likely find yourself saying, “This was worth it!” It’s hard to say that about the newest gadget that you bought, even if it did change your life at the time.

Having said that, I’d like to suggest that you should always plan your holiday budget carefully. You see, the key is to find the right balance between the material and the immaterial.

4. The experiences you collect from your travels should be meaningful

Money-making has become the universal life goal nowadays. However, if you spend your whole life saving for a rainy day you’ll never be able to enjoy the sun. That is why even the most hardworking of us take some sort of a big vacation once every few year.

Whether it’s just a getaway for a weekend or a weeklong trip with family and friends, it’s moments like that that we cherish.

Such experiences not only give us a chance to recharge our batteries, but also make us feel truly alive.

If you are truly looking to live a more fulfilling live and create precious memories, your keyword should not be BUY, but GO.

You may find that you are happier even when you spend less money on things. Take some time to create your own unforgettable memories that will make you truly happy. You may be surprised to find out for yourself that, after all, money doesn’t buy happiness.

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