Special needs cat who was abandoned by her owners finds a new home

Sansa the cat had been abandoned by her previous owners.

The snowy-white feline had been thrown out of her previous home because of her unusual appearance. Sansa was born with a rare condition known as heterochromia and as a result, she has extra toes and different-colored eyes. Earlier this year, the five-year-old cat was found abandoned by animal rescue staff in New York City. Thankfully, since then, Sansa has found a new and loving home. What is more, she has also become a social media star as she has attracted over 22.2k followers on Instagram.

Karen, the cat’s new owner, commented on the first time she saw Sansa:

My husband and I met Sansa at a cat adoption event in New York City. Even though there were a lot of cute, friendly cats at the event, my eyes kept being drawn to Sansa’s cage who was previously called Snow. it was a seemingly empty cage with a sign that said the cat inside suffered from anxiety and had been neglected and eventually thrown out by her previous owners. Turns out the cage was not empty – she was simply hiding under the cat bed! I felt an immediate connection to her because I suffer from anxiety myself, and I knew that I wanted her to be a part of our family before I even saw her. Imagine my surprise when I realized that she had different colored eyes and extra toes.

Apart from her rare condition, Sansa also suffers from Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder (FHD).

Karen further explained that after they had brought Sansa home, she had started behaving strangely; that is, she would ‘roll’ her back uncontrollably and attack her tail. In addition to this, she would often hide behind the TV console and only come out when she was hungry. After some time, her owners consulted a vet, and Sansa was diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder (FHD), a type of anxiety. The cat was put on several different drugs but nothing seemed to work until she had tried pet CBD oil. Now, according to Karen, ‘she has claimed the apartment as her own and is the true queen of our household’. 

Karen has started an Instagram account (@sansa.thecat) to show the world Sansa’s unique beauty. She hopes that this Instagram account will ‘raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of special needs cats’.

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