Spanish police rescues 41 malnourished and dehydrated dogs

Police in Spain has found and rescued 41 starving and dehydrated dogs.

The 41 dogs were kept on a farm near the town of Quintanar de la Orden in the central province of Toledo. On Sunday, the Spanish police found and rescued them after they had received a complaint and were alerted by an animal welfare association. The Local has reported that the police released a statement on Tuesday, claiming:

Thanks to this information it was possible to save the lives of 41 dogs who displayed serious symptoms of malnutrition, organic deterioration, physical weakening and dehydration.

All of the dogs were successfully rescued and put into various animal charities.

The Spanish police has reported that out of the 41 dogs they found, 29 were too weak to eat and have had to be placed on food drip and intravenous fluids. Nevertheless, thankfully, all of them have now been placed into animal charities where they are recovering and waiting to be put into new, better homes.

The owner of the farm has been charged with animal abuse.

After the officers from Spain’s Guardia Civil police force raided the owner’s farm and found the malnourished, emaciated dogs, they rightfully charged the woman with animal abuse. Daily Mail reported that “the animals had not been microchipped and also did not have legally-required paperwork on their health”. Moreover, it has not yet been made clear why the woman had kept this many dogs and why she had treated them in this horrific way.

We pray for the fast recovery of the 41 dogs and hope that they can find a new, loving home with owners who will care for them the way that they deserve.

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