Sometimes We Attract Toxic People Because Of Our Own Toxicity

Toxic individuals are all around us, but if we know how to keep them at bay and live our lives properly they are less likely to be in contact with us.

These people only manage to infiltrate our circles when we let others have too much control over us or when we ourselves become toxic.

Maybe you are aware of your own toxicity. But if not, it can be found quickly by looking at those you’ve surrounded yourself with. If you notice that people are constantly taking advantage of you, or you often find yourself in bad situations on a regular basis, then you might have some inner cleaning to do. People attract what they reflect, and thus, if you’re not coming from a positive place you might discover that negativity has to an extent taken over your life.

Here we will explore some of the signs that could indicate you are more of a toxic person than you may realize.

In order to escape the swamp of toxicity, you must change the way you think and cut every toxic person you can spot out of your life.

1. You rarely feel content

You just never seem to be satisfied with your life and even when you get all that you could possibly ask for, you still crave more. Being content is something you have a lot of issues with and this becomes too obvious when you look at the relationships you have with the people around you.

2. Jealousy has taken control over you

Instead of being humble and satisfied with the things you have, you always want a little more. You compare yourself to those who have more and become envious of them. You don’t realize that even though some people might be better off financially, they are also human beings and may be struggling with other issues that cannot be solved with money.

3. You are stuck in the past

You are fully aware of the fact that the past cannot be changed, and yet, you simply cannot find the willpower to move on. You are a prisoner of “what could have been” and that is just no way to live life.

4. You take everything to heart

You aren’t able to take a joke and you see everything people say about you as an attack on who you are. You take offence easily and find yourself becoming quite angry at times as a result. You know it’s bad but you still keep on being like this.

5. You’re a drama queen and often talk behind other people’s backs

You know it’s wrong but you constantly find yourself gossiping and involving yourself in social drama. You are unsure as to how to stop being like this and it seems that you’re even addicted to it. You want to be the center of attention.

6. You rarely look on the bright side of life

You don’t often notice the good things in life. You can’t see the value in the little things that make so much of our existence worth the struggle. Instead of being grateful for what you have you’re just never satisfied with anything.

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