7 rules to follow to stop jealousy and toxic behaviors from ruining your relationship

Every long-term relationship needs tons of work and patience. You and your partner need to put a lot of effort into building steady foundations for your future.

Any toxic motion will be catastrophic for both of you.

If you truly believe your significant other is the one, you need to avoid certain behavioral patterns. This includes unnecessary jealousy and overreacting. The most important thing you need to establish between one another is trust. Besides, if you want to preserve your relationship from collapsing, you need to follow some essential rules.

Below are listed some of the most valuable things that will help you avoid toxicity and jealousy in your relationship.

Have in mind, that all of them need to be based on open communication.

1. Respect each other’s feelings.

When it comes to a healthy romantic relationship, respect is a must. You need to accept your partner’s emotiоns, and to take the time needed to understand them. As different human beings, you and your significant other feel differently about certain things. So, instead of convincing them your opinion is the right one, try to look at the situation from their perspective.

2. Follow through with your partner.

Don’t mislead your partner. If you tell them you are going to do something, do it. Getting their hopes up and letting them down afterward, will create severe doubts in your relationship. To avoid that, you should never give them a promise you are not planning to keep.

3. Fight fair.

The most important thing to remember while you’re having an argument with your partner is to keep your mind on the subject. Don’t fight dirty by bringing the past up. Be fair with your significant other, and never forget you love each other, even during a heated fight.

4. Trust each other.

Any strong relationship relies on open communication and genuine trust. If you truly wish to stay away from toxicity and jealousy, you and your partner need to be on the same page. Lies and shady secrets are only going to destroy the good thing you have between one another.

5. Express your emotions reasonably.

Don’t rush t overreact whenever something frustrating happens. Take a moment to consider all the facts and whether your jealousy is relevant. Think about the situation from your partner’s perspective, before you go too far and say something you might regret later.

6. Respect each other’s personal space.

Spending some alone time is essential for anyone’s mental health. That’s why you need to respect your partner’s personal space if they need it. This doesn’t mean they are tired of you. This means they need some time to recharge and reconnect with their inner world.

7. Don’t blame each other.

Before you start a fight with your partner, think about whether they are the one in the wrong. Often, we take all our negative emotions gathered through the day on the one who is the closest to us. And this one is your significant other. Remember that they have nothing to do with the overwhelming day you had at work, or with your arguments with your parents. So, don’t blame them for something they didn’t do.

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