This Simple Project Makes your Smartphone Even More Amazing

Smartphones these days are beginning to bridge the gap between “smart” and “brilliant”. It’s hard to think of things that our phones aren’t capable of. Between nearly worldwide internet coverage, high-resolution cameras, and more storage than some computers – it is getting harder and harder to find things that these little technological marvels CAN’T do.

Now, thanks to the guys over at MrWhostheBoss, you can turn your smartphone into a 3D holographic projector.

For this project all you need is a simple template made with graph paper, an old CD case, a box cutter (or glass cutter if you have one), some tape, and some pre-designed video you can get here. Start by making a simple rhombus shape with your graph paper, and cutting it out. The dimensions below are recommended to make the design work with just one CD case.
Now all you have to do is trace that pattern on to the Clear lid of a CD case and cut out 4 of the rhombuses.
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Once you have your 4 pieces, simply tape them together so that they are all touching.
Place the upside down pyramid on your phone, go to the hologram-ready video on YouTube, sit back, and be amazed!
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