15 telling signs you are with an authentic man who is truly devoted to you

You are finally with a genuine man who makes you feel worthy of love. He treats you the way you deserve and loves you unconditionally. Everything he does, he does it for you. Your wellbeing is his main priority.

Hopefully, you find these words relatable. Lucky you!

Here are 15 signs you are in a relationship with a loving, authentic man who truly worships you.

1. He loves spending time with you.

Even if you’re just sitting quietly, holding hands, he enjoys every second of it. And you can see it because whenever you’re together, you feel cozy and warm as if you’re at home. His love tastes like a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, with a Sinatra song playing in the background.

2. He respects your opinion.

He realizes that a healthy relationship is based on compromises. That’s why he always cares about your opinion, so you two can find the best way possible to deal with a situation. Besides, he knows you have a great taste, so he always asks you about all the little things like what to wear, what to read, and which movie to watch.

3. He is proud to be with you.

Whenever he introduces you to his family, friends, and colleagues, he says the sweetest things about you. He adores you, and he loves showing you off. This lovely man feels like you are the best thing that has happened to him. He sees you as the greatest accomplishment in his whole life.

4. He loves learning new things from you.

This genuine man loves talking with you about the things you love and know more about. He not only enjoys learning new things from you, but he adores the passion you have when you tell him what excites you. Besides, he likes telling you things you don’t know that much of. This way you are exchanging valuable knowledge, and this helps you strengthen your bond.

5. He finds your clumsiness cute.

He truly enjoys seeing you when you spill a glass of water, or when you can’t reach something from the top shelf. For him, you are adorably awkward, and that makes him love you even more.

6. He always supports you.

He is your top fan. The one who always believes in you no matter what. Sometimes, he even motivates you to do things outside of your comfort zone because he sees your stunning potential, and he knows what you’re capable of.

7. He is scared to lose you.

Every time you mention some other guy from your workplace, or a friend of yours, he is secretly jealous. He may sometimes show it not that secretly though. That’s not because he doesn’t trust you, but because he sees how remarkable you are, and he’s afraid to lose you.

8. He gives you the best compliments.

Whenever he talks about you or compliments you, he uses the sweetest superlatives. For him, you are the most intelligent person he’s ever met. You are the sexiest human being on Earth. You have the most beautiful soul he’s ever connected with.

9. He enjoys posting pictures of you two.

He loves posting cute pictures of you two on social media. Not for the likes, but because he finds you the most dazzling person ever, and he is happy to show you off to all of his friends.

10. He talks to you about everything.

You are his favorite human in this world. That’s why he shares everything with you. From pictures of cute cuddled puppies, and articles he finds interesting, to deep emotional thoughts, and wild dreams about the future. He is always excited to talk to you about literally anything.

11. He admits when he is wrong.

If he ever hurts you, he deeply regrets it. He realizes his mistakes, and he genuinely apologizes to you. What’s more, he is willing to do whatever it would take to fix the damages he has caused and win your trust back.

12. He loves it when you strongly express your beliefs.

This good man you are in love with admires your strong personality. He loves seeing the fire in your eyes when you express and defend the things you truly believe in. This makes him genuinely happy and proud of you.

13. He understands when you say things in the heat of the moment.

Every relationship goes through arguments and fights. Your kindhearted partner completely understands that. So, whenever you say something nasty and offensive, he lets it slip away because he knows you didn’t mean it. He loves you too much to let one mean word in an argument to destroy your entire relationship.

14. He says “I love you” in a million different ways.

The three magical words are not the only way he tells you he loves you. He may say things like “I adore you”, “I’m glad I met you”, and “You’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life”. Moreover, he may use phrases no one has ever told you before. That’s how you know he’s invested in you for the long run. That’s how you know he’s the one.

15. He puts your needs before everything else.

Your happiness is his top priority. He is willing to do everything it takes to make you feel appreciated and cherished. Besides, he always makes sure he gives you all the love and attention you deserve. He loves you selflessly, and he doesn’t miss a chance to show it.

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