8 telling signs she is a real keeper

Do you want to know how to tell if she’s a keeper or just a temporary fling?

Well, it hardly ever happens the very first time you meet her.

However, there are certain hints that could show if the woman you’re in love with is with you for the long run, or if she sees you just as a romantic affair.

These signs might also work for the opposite sex, but they appear more often amongst women.

1. She is loyal and trustworthy.

Trust is one of the most important elements of any romantic relationship’s foundations. If this special girl has proven to be the person you can trust more than anyone else, there is a high chance she’s a real keeper. In case you truly believe you can tell her all of your secrets and all of your plans for the future, she is someone you should never take for granted.

2. She stays beside you even during hard times.

This woman is not someone who would run away when things get rough. She would stay beside you, support you, and help you, no matter what it would cost her. Such genuine people are extremely rare. If your girl is true to you even when you’re at your worst, make sure you appreciate her. She might be the one.

3. She loves spending time with you.

And you love being around her too. There is a wild chemistry going on between you two. Perhaps, you’ve never felt so passionate about anyone else in your life. She makes you utterly happy only by being next to you. This type of emotional connection is really hard to find, and it often happens only once in our lives.

4. She is someone you can really communicate with.

You two connect not only on an emotional level but also on an intellectual. She gets your silly jokes, laughs out loud on the funny ones, understands your book references, and unmistakeably reads all of your facial expressions. Besides, you are both able to sit down and talk things through when there is a problem coming up. This is something you should both cherish in one another.

5. She is your biggest fan.

She is the person who always supports your crazy ideas and encourages you to chase your wildest dreams. No one else sees your potential like her. She believes in you when no one else does. Besides, you get motivated and empowered by only seeing her excitement when you accomplish something great. This way she brings out the very best in you.

6. She has similar values and goals as you.

Having the same life goals and moral values as the person you’re in love with is the best-case scenario for any romantic relationship. This way, you are building the foundations of your future together. What’s more, while bonding over your similar dreams, you’re strengthening your emotional connection.

7. She respects your boundaries.

This girl perfectly knows that everyone needs to spend some time alone every now and then. That’s why she respects your privacy and understands your need to recharge your batteries sometimes. You two have no problems spending some time apart and doing the things you love individually. That’s an amazing thing to achieve in a relationship.

8. She is an inseparable part of your future plans.

As she shares your beliefs, and she makes your life a little brighter, you definitely see this amazing woman in your future. Moreover, you can’t wait to spend your whole life with her by your side. Her vibrant energy gives you power and inspires you to become the best version of yourself.

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