If your woman does any of these 7 things, she’s a real keeper

When you find a good, genuine, empathetic woman, never let her go. They are so rare, you hardly ever meet one in your life. That’s why you need to do whatever it takes to keep her beside you.

If she is always there for you, cares for you, and understands you, whatever you do, never do anything to push her away. You definitely need her in your life.

In case she does any of the following 7 things, this girl is a real keeper.

1. You can trust her.

She is the type of person you can tell anything to. You feel free to share with her your wildest dreams and your worst failures, and you know she wouldn’t judge you or make fun of you. Besides, she never does anything to make you doubt her. That’s a huge sign she’s a keeper.

2. You see her in your future.

When you look at her, you see a lifetime partner. She is not another one-night-stand or a girl you only fool around with. Years from now, you could still see her beside you on every step of your journey. Why let such beautiful thing go?

3. She enjoys your company.

She clearly loves spending time with you. Every time she sees you she gets excited. You love being around her too, don’t you? She brings lightness and laughter to your days. Plus, she finds your silly jokes hilarious. What more could you ask for?

4. You share the same values.

She has similar life-goals to you. This makes your relationship even better because you get to grow together. What’s more, she always supports you, because she understands your path and the struggles you go through.

5. She believes in you.

No one believes in you more than her. She is your top fan and your biggest admirer. She sees your potential and motivates you to do great things you could never do without her. This woman makes you grow at remarkable speed. She simply makes you a better person.

6. She prefers to talk things out.

This woman knows that it’s way better to talk things out than to hold grudges and hide secrets from one another. She doesn’t hide her feelings, and she tells you right away when something is bothering her. That’s the best way you can solve your problems – by open communication and lots of trust.

7. She respects your personal space.

It’s no secret to her that everyone needs some personal space from time to time. She perfectly knows that sometimes you need to be alone with your thoughts. Besides, she doesn’t feel neglected when you tell her to leave you alone for a while. She understands.

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