7 signs your partner is unhappy in your relationship

There are certain red flags you might have noticed lately in your relationship.

Maybe your partner no longer spends quality time with you or they seem unusually quiet. If you have the feeling that your significant other is not making an effort to fix your relationship or they suddenly become cold and distant, they might not be feeling happy to be with you anymore.

Here are 7 signs your partner is unhappy in your relationship.

1. You are no longer a priority

Once you were on the top of their priority list. But lately, you feel like there are more important things in their life than you. Suddenly they start to hang out with their friends more than with you, which makes you feel left out. If your partner spends less time with you and no longer makes plans for your date nights, they might be losing interest in your relationship.

2. They need more alone time

Alone time is key for a healthy relationship but in the right amounts. You should be comfortable to do things on your own and be happy by yourself. However, there are times when this alone time means that you two are becoming more and more distant. In case you have noticed that your partner often wants you to leave them alone, this might be a sign that they no longer feel the need to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

3. Your connection is not as deep as it used to be

Perhaps your conversations start to become one-sided or you no longer share the same goals. What is more, they don’t feel comfortable to share their emotions and their ideas with you anymore.  Supposing that you are noticing such kind of behavior, you might wanna have a serious talk with your partner and ask them how they really feel and why they are acting so cold.

4. They take forever to text you back

In the era we live in, most of our communication goes through chats and messages. Another indicator that your partner feels unhappy with you may be their absence of social media. Before you were texting all the time, sending each other sweet messages, but now they are always finding excuses why they can’t text you back. The chances are, instead of not texting you back because they are being busy, they are somehow trying to avoid you.

5. Your conversations become uncomfortable

Lately, you feel like it’s becoming harder and harder to have a chat with your partner. Most of the time you are pulling teeth even when it comes to a basic talk. It seems like you are still enjoying your conversations, while your partner is just trying to get over them as soon as possible.  It is possible that they don’t feel the need to talk to you anymore and that is certainly a sign of unhappiness.

6. They are no longer paying attention

Whether you changed your hair color or you had a bad day at work and you need some supportive talk, your partner doesn’t seem to care. Moreover, they no longer make any effort to keep your relationship alive. This could be their way to express their lack of interest in you. They might need you to remind them why you got together in the first place.

7. You never talk about the future

You used to plan your whole life together but now you don’t even plan your weekend. In the past, you knew where you want to live, which places you want to visit, what were your dream jobs, how many kids you’ll have. The future was ahead of you. Sadly, now it’s hard to even decide what you’ll have for dinner. This may be a red flag that your partner is no longer sharing your interests and future goals. In fact, they might be sharing them but they seem like they don’t want you to be around.

In case you have noticed some of these signs, you need to talk to your partner. You have to understand why they are feeling unhappy and what changes can you make to improve your relationship. The best thing you can do is to find solutions to your problems together. A relationship is a bond between two people, nothing should be one-sided, neither conversations nor feelings.  If you’ve lost the spark that brought you together, you need to find it again and take good care of it this time.

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