Shocking security footage shows a man carrying his Tinder date’s body in a suitcase

Chilling surveillance footage shows a man carrying his Tinder date’s dead body inside a suitcase. 

  • WARNING: The article contains images revealing a murder that some readers may find distressing!
  • Jesse Shane Kempson strangled his Tinder date, Grace Millane, carried her body in a suitcase, and buried it in a shallow grave in 2018.
  • Kempson was identified as the killer with the help of security cameras in the area where he had a date with his victim before murdering her in his hotel room.

In 2018, Grace Millane, from the UK, went on a solo trip around the world. On the second part of her journey, she decided to visit New Zealand, where she spent two weeks. There, she met Jesse Shane Kempson through the popular dating app Tinder.

Credits: AP

On Millane’s 22nd birthday, she and Jesse had a date. As Elite Readers reports, the night ended fatally for the young girl who was brutally murdered by her companion.

Initially, Millane was pronounced missing. When police asked Kempson whether he knows where she might be, or if she was still alive, he denied having anything to do with her case. However, he was soon proven to be guilty of the 22-year-old’s murder.

Footage from the security cameras at the spot the pair had a date revealed that the New Zealander killed his Tinder date.

Moments before the fatal date, Jesse Kempson was spotted drinking alone in the Bluestone Bar while waiting for Grace.

When the twosome got together, they went to Andy’s Burger and Bar, where they had dinner. Later on, they went to a café nearby. Afterward, they returned to the Bluestone Bar, where they were spotted kissing.

As the night progressed, Jesse and Grace went to the CityLife Hotel, where the killer lived at the time. The birthday girl was last seen alive as the pair were heading towards her murderer’s room.

The next day, Kempson was spotted buying a large suitcase and cleaning products. He also rented a cleaning machine and picked up a trolley from the hotel’s reception. Later that night, he rented a car and loaded its truck with his suitcases, one of which was containing Grace’s body.

The following day, the killer bought a shovel and drove off to Waitakere, where he buried the girl in a shallow grave.

RNZ / YouTube

Grace’s parents reported her missing a few days after she was last seen alive.

At the initial stages of the investigation, Detective Diana Levinson identified Kempson as a person of interest after noticing he left a comment on Grace’s Facebook account the night of their date. The killer wrote “Beautiful, very radiant” as a comment under his victim’s profile picture.

Despite Kempson’s attempt to fool the detective that he last saw Grace at 10 p.m. that night, the surveillance footage from the hotel proved he was lying.

Eventually, the Wellington-born man admitted to murdering Millane. He told the police that the girl had died during sex after she asked him to choke her. Although Kempson tried to excuse his horrid deed, the jury rejected his argument since he didn’t ask for help right after the incident, and he chose to hide her body instead.

In 2020, Jesse Kempson was jailed for life for the murder of Grace Millane.

Additionally, the New Zealander was convicted for sexually harassing two other women in October and November of the same year. One of the women was his ex-girlfriend, and the other one was a woman, whom he also met on Tinder and raped in a motel.

RNZ / YouTube

According to authorities, Jesse Kempson’s troubled upbringing might be the reason for his appalling behavior, which has led to many crimes against women.

Unfortunately, Tinder has become a platform where straight men express toxic masculinity in often violent ways. 

Recently, a 25-year-old woman named Madison shared how a man she met on Tinder tried to shame her for refusing to have sex with him.

In a TikTok video she secretly recorded, her date can be heard claiming that people don’t use the app “to date – they use it to f**k.” He insisted that since Madison matched with him on Tinder, she is obligated to sleep with him because “this is the f**king reality.”

Thankfully, Madison was able to go home safely, unlike Grace.

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