She knows what she brings to the table and she wouldn’t settle for anything less

What strong, independent, admirable women value the most in a relationship is maturity and transparency.

They are attracted by people who know how to handle grown-up situations and don’t rely on deception or sugarcoating. Do you want to know why? Because these women know exactly what they bring to the table. They will settle for no less than someone who appreciates every bit of their presence in the best way possible. No, that’s not selfish, that’s essential.

Undoubtedly, meeting the love of your life, your partner in crime, your solid rock can be incredibly challenging. Sometimes we spend years searching for the right one, the one that wakes up the butterflies in our stomach and pushes our buttons as no one else does. We look for the one that perfectly matches our energy.

Sadly, there are times when people settle for partners who don’t fit their personalities. They hold on to someone who ticks some of the boxes but doesn’t really make them as happy as they wish to be. Sure, this someone may be nice and well-mannered, but they just don’t feel right.

But not strong women.

They would rather be on their own and invest in themselves, than waste their precious time with someone who doesn’t meet their expectations.

That’s because these strong women know exactly what they can offer. They are completely aware of their vast potential and the tremendous energy they are willing to devote to a relationship. Moreover, they are mature enough to know what they want in life and to understand that settling for anything less will be nothing but a waste of valuable time and energy.

Oftentimes, these self-aware, sophisticated women appear intimidating or unapproachable to others. Their willingness to let go of someone who doesn’t bring value to their life scares people. It makes them feel like these powerful females are rather mean and heartless. But what they don’t see is the enormous effort these women put into moving on from people who once mattered the world to them.

Of course, this is never easy for anyone, but a woman who knows what she brings to the table does it with style. She perfectly understands that letting go of someone who doesn’t acknowledge their vibe, their strength, their soul is the best thing she could do for herself, no matter how painful the process may be.

On the other hand, once a strong woman meets the right one, she is willing to grant them all the love and respect she is capable of.

She won’t play games, she won’t sugarcoat her personality, and she definitely won’t mislead her partner under any circumstances.

When an independent lady who knows her worth falls in love, she is frank with her significant other from the very beginning. Understandably, she expects the same in return. Moreover, she would never tolerate gossiping, deceiving, disrespectfulness, not to mention, cheating.

So, if you feel like you’re falling for such a powerful, incredibly stunning woman, make sure you are able to be faithful, thoughtful, and respectful. Make sure you can appreciate her greatness and let her be herself, whatever it takes. Otherwise, just don’t waste her time. She would be better on her own, than in a bad company.

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