What happens when you fall in love with a strong and independent woman

She had to spend most of her life relying only on herself. And she still does.

Unlike any other woman, she knows how to take care of herself and not to be dependent on anyone else. She has built walls around her heart higher than the highest skyscraper. And she made sure than only a real, genuine person will be able to break them and see her in her most vulnerable form.

But why did she build those walls? Well, that was her way of protecting herself from the cold, harsh world around her. She has been hurt many times, and she learned that giving away her love and trust so easily is extremely dangerous. That’s why she needed something to shield her heart and her soul from people with nasty intentions.

Do you know what it means to be in love with a strong, independent woman?

It means to put a tremendous amount of effort into letting her know she can trust you. It means having patience until she opens up to you. Moreover, it means making her needs your top priority, and taking care of her wounded soul whatever it takes. And also, it means to never even think about changing her extraordinary personality.

If you want to reach to the shielded heart of a strong woman, first you need to understand her extraordinary nature. She won’t let you in so easily. She won’t share with you her wildest dreams the first time you glance at her. And she definitely won’t trust you until she is sure you wouldn’t hurt her intentionally. Because letting another person into her world again would be extremely difficult for her.

This special woman is used to dealing with life on her own. She would never show you she needs your help. She would never allow herself to be weak in front of you. But this doesn’t mean you have to leave her to do everything alone. This means you have to see through her toughness and offer her your help anyway.

She is stubborn, self-willed, and individualistic. And you’d have to deal with all that if you truly love her.

Hopefully, you weren’t too late. Because if she was on her own for too darn long, she might have gotten used to it. After a certain period of time, strong people just come at peace with the thought of being alone. And if before it was hard for someone to reach their souls, it would be almost impossible to do it after this.

However, even if she acts tough and untouchable, she still needs someone to save her. We all do. She is just too proud to admit she is vulnerable too. So, if you’re willing to be that person, don’t hesitate to show her your devotion. And make sure you are always there for her, even when she says she doesn’t need you.

One thing is for sure – it won’t be easy. But it will be all worth it.

Loving a woman who has been struggling with life on her own for so long won’t be smooth and straightforward. But once she lets you into her heart, you will see that all the efforts you make are absolutely worth it. Because when she loves, she loves with every single cell of her body and every tiny little bit of her soul. When she loves, she gives all of her energy into making the one she loves happy.

You just need to be patient with her. Show her you are willing to wait, no matter how long it would take her to see she can trust you. Let her know that she doesn’t have to deal with life on her own. Be the savior she doesn’t know she needs. And all of your efforts will be generously awarded.

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