She is always there for you. Don’t hurt her.

Don’t take her love for granted. Don’t disrespect her loyalty.

She is always there for you, so the least you could do is to honor her effort by being the decent person she believes you are.

Sadly, we often hurt the ones that always there for us the most. We fail to consider their feelings and we break their hearts without even noticing. Yet, they continue to love us unconditionally and never give up on us.

The woman who always has your back and is always there when you need her has the biggest heart of them all. Her giving nature is truly admirable. She is willing to sacrifice all of her strength, time, and energy in the name of love.

So don’t hurt her. Don’t leave all the responsibility in her hands. Don’t make her feel like she’s the only one giving in your relationship. She may love you with all her heart, but she has boundaries you shouldn’t cross if you want to keep her by your side.

This compassionate woman deserves to be with someone who appreciates her devotion and gives her the same amount of energy as she does. She needs to be with someone who could show her the way when she feels lost. She needs a lover who is perfectly aware that a relationship is not about ownership but about partnership. If you want to be that special someone for her, never betray her trust.

The truth is that she is tired.

She is tired of always being in the role of the giver. She is tired of prioritizing everyone else’s happiness before her own. What she needs now is someone who could hold her tight and never let her go. She needs someone who could promise her they would never break her heart and truly mean it. She needs to feel safe in someone’s loving arms. Can you be that someone?

Because if you can, you will be the luckiest person on Earth. You will feel a love that shines brighter than all the stars in the universe combined. You will have unconditional support that will guide you through your journey and will help you make all of your dreams come true. Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, she will be there. Whenever you feel helpless, she will offer you a helping hand. She will be your best friend, your lover, your partner in crime. She will be everything you’ve ever wished for.

So wake up. Wake up and open your eyes to her true beauty. Take that pure heart of hers and protect it at all costs. Dive into her wild soul and help her heal all the wounds she still aches from. Be the one who will finally love her the way she deserves.

Being with someone who is willing to give all of them in the name of love, just as you are willing to give all of you, is the greatest feeling in the world. If you already have that, never let that special someone go.

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